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    cherry red exhaust in 60 seconds

    I have only cranked it a few times. Never ridden it. It had been sitting for two years when I bought it. The "lean" thing is what I'm working on. I'll keep Plugging. Thanks for the input. Now for "The rest of the story" I saw this bike in the back of a pickup for more than a year. It was obvious it never left the truck. I finally asked the guy about it. He had wrecked it with minor damage two years ago about the time his wife ran him off. He didn't have the money to fix it or a place to park it so it stayed in his truck. The only damage was a bent handlebar a ripped off foot peg and a dented fuel tank. I bought it for $800.00 and and fixed the damage and so far have not spent a dime on it. Thanks again.
  2. steve-c

    cherry red exhaust in 60 seconds

    99 DR200 SE exhaust turns cherry red in less than 60 seconds when starting. It revs up high and pops like a shotgun shot when cut off. I've had the carb cleaned by a pro. I found this bit of info here in response to a backfire question: "Sounds like you have a serious backfire going which is caused by the engine not igniting the air/fuel in combustion chamber and being dumped into the hot exhaust pipe where it ignites. It can be caused by anything that causes a miss-fire--air/fuel too lean or too rich, or weak spark (dirty, worn, wrong gap, electrical problem). Anyone have an specific experience with this?