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    06 WR 450...my first impression

    Hi, I recently bought a stock standard WR 450 2005 model and although i enjoy it it just seems very lazy. I went from a CR 250 to the 4 stroke bike but am worried about a few things. 1. The standard pipe is terrible and have heard that that is the first thing you throw away. does not sound like a serious 4 stroke currently. 2. Changing the main jet to a 168 is what i hear is the right thing to do. 3. Drilling holes in the air box. 4. Bike is not responsive to turning sharp corners and seems very loose in rocky terrain. 5. Back suspension is a bit soft. I would appreciate some advice getting my bike up to race spec as i am riding my first hare scramble on my new bike this weekend and seem to be off the pace. Thanks