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    Went riding yesterday and had a bi ch of a time trying to get the bike started after about 2/3 way through the day. Fired right up cold but hot was a different story. Using a Dr. D hot start, which is an awesome idea, and it still would have a hard time firing up. Any thoughts. I have not had my valves adj. yet and some have said that might help?? Not sure and wondering if anyone could help. My bike is an 00' YZF 426, but only has about 8 rides on it.
  2. I have a YZ 426 with a stock exhaust. It does not have a spark arrestor. I noticed that you can buy a spark arr. on the Yam. web site. Does anyone know if you can just remove the muffler tail cap and slide that "cone style" spark arrester in the muffler and then just put the muffler tail cap back on. OR do I have to buy a whole new muffler system??? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks