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  1. motocross10113

    3 Month post op Acl question

    Yeah am sure its all just part of the process...i traded my bike for a sled.... so i got time to heal before my season starts .....BRING ON THE SNOW:smirk:
  2. motocross10113

    3 Month post op Acl question

    yeah am not sure, i didn't have a meniscus tear, i know that the 3-6 month range is were its the moth prone to re-injury Just not sure what my knee is supposed to feel like i know that am getting feeling back around were they took the graft and have some more pain there since its been numb for about 3 months. I know last week i did a lot of work and am sure that's part of it i think it feel slightly better today when i did some exercises. Biggest thing i just don't wanna mess it up, still waiting for the doc to call back see what his thoughts are. Thanks for you're thoughts guys
  3. motocross10113

    3 Month post op Acl question

    I am just over 3 months post op from my Acl surgery i have a Hamstring graft done from same side of the injury. My question is i am now starting to have more pain inside of the knee while going down stairs and while doing squats on the up stroke, These are squats just with my oh body weight. I have good range of motion and everything just some pain inside the knee were the acl would be... Id say pain range from 1-4 on a scale of 1-10. I know the graft starts out strong and gets week and then gets strong just want to know if this sounds normal...i can walk fine and walk a lot at work with no problems. I do drive a lot of truck and the truck i have drove the last 3 days does have a very hard clutch in it and pushing it it does cause some discomfort also just like the squats as my leg is in about the same position as a squat to push it. this have been withing about the last week. I did good with rehab then i slacked off about the last month with going back to work and not being in my parents town physical therapy and places to do it is much more easy to get to. Thanks
  4. motocross10113

    banning 2 strokes?

    I dont agree its not about the Max HP or torque its about power to the ground and power deilvery. RV was only 2-3 seconds slower that RC, JS, CR at budds creek i think a 250F would give a 250 smoker a run for its money.
  5. motocross10113

    Pictures from RedBud '07

    6th photo down ricky is on a 2 stroker whats up with that is that a old photo???
  6. motocross10113

    Pastrana's bike

    the bike that he broke was also yellow....and the front end was way differnt..
  7. motocross10113

    Best Trailer Tie Down Method

    i did the same with my trailer just bigger hooks in the floor works great and saves your susp
  8. HAHAHA we had to do that a about a month ago damn boat sucked up the ski rope on a jet boat.....didnt have a knife either.... But yes water sports are crap way to much i think its a monopoly all it is a fiberglass and a motor....how simple yet for a good ski boat you have 20,000 for about a 16' and gyah some of those boats.....you could just buy a new truck and bike and nice trailer and call it good.
  9. motocross10113

    Exhaust Makeover

    i have a full stock exhaust if that helps at all and i have no need for it let me know PM me.
  10. motocross10113

    Yamaha Kick starter on 2005 YzF450

    Ok i have a buddy who want to take all the electronics off his bike and put just a kick starter on his bike. Have any of you guys done this and if sooo what kick starter are you using??? What all will clear the fender? Thanks for you help guys!
  11. motocross10113

    Lower 2003 Yz450f

    hey i got a buddy who just bough this bike used and its a tad to tall for him...hes 5'4'' its there anywah you can lower the bike. Not just a seat cut out he wants a kit to lower it about 2 inches or so do they make such a thing???
  12. motocross10113

    The hole shot is everything

    crack is bad....
  13. motocross10113

    Nerve Block...

    I agree all three of mine lasted about 8-12 hours and i started meds soon as i felt it going away there are much less risks with then than a general anesthesia i know ppl that have had them done in there shoulders, arms,hands seems like ppl might be have trouble with the legs??? mabye a not so hot doc...who knows but i have herd nothing bad. And since general does nothing for pain you wake up and are usally on something like morphin or Dreminal...and Dreminal makes me very sick...i would rather be able to go home than sit there puking all day cuz they cant get my pain under control...i have done both i have had a rack of surgerys
  14. motocross10113

    Dislocated Shoulder

    ok no in a week i can take the sling off for good i know iam not supposed to use it or lift much but can i run or job what would be my limit as far as that i want to get back to something iam bored if i cant ride i just best be training to ride and get in shape
  15. motocross10113

    What are the symptoms of a broken rib?

    i seperated 3 of mine from the sternum and sneezing laughing cough sux sneezing was the worst when i sneezed i but my hand in a kind hole were theu were seperated it felt like a bubble coming out if i didnt and was extremly painfull...they take time to heal all u can do it wait.