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    Mattawa directions

    I have heard so much about the riding at Mattawa that I am finally going to be able to go. Now I am looking for directions to the staging area. Anyone have directions? What about camping out there? Is there any?
  2. Old Man Time, Are there any maps available for Saddle mtn or just ride and watch for signs. I'd love to ride this place. I normally ride Belfair, Walker Valley, Capitol Forest and Taneum. I've ridden the desert poker run at Vantage and Odessa.
  3. Anybody know if camping is allowed at the Saddle mountain ORV park? I've never been there. Is it worth spending a weekend there to ride? Always looking for more places to ride. How about the trails. Are they wide open like the Desert Poker run in Odessa? I'd like any sort of feed back from any of you. Looks like a fun place to ride. I'd been to 4 corners south of Bend Oregon, any similarities?