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  1. stnup327

    06 ttr 125 has no pilot screw

    I also have a 06 125 ttr and the book says one thing about the mixture screw but I believe the book is wrong! But I am also confusied why they did that?And know that I just re-jetted I also have to drill out plug? (correct) Dose anybody have a picture detailing what they are doing on these new bikes? Before I screw something up? Thanks Chad
  2. stnup327

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    God bless America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. stnup327

    06 -125TTR-LE - Jetting mods

    Quick what is the part number for 17.5 @ 20 pilot jet and who makes it?
  4. stnup327

    06 -125TTR-LE - Jetting mods

    If I am running 17.5 pilot 112.5 main now what should I run in warmer weather? Temp now 45 to 60 degrees
  5. stnup327

    06 -125TTR-LE - Jetting mods

    I have an 06 125 TTR-LE for my wife. She has been riding it for a little while and I installed FMF T-Factory 4 exhaust system. But jetting is not good like it was - I have been reading post on differnt mods and plan on new air filter and air box mod. So is any one else using the same set up? I live in Missouri so high alt. is not something to worry about. But don't know were to start and what jets to buy ??? Thanks for the help - Chad