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  1. Actually, I've ridden many aluminum frame bikes going way back. Honda has had them for years. I have ridden a 08 YZ450F.... What does that have to do with my statement? Nothing. As I said "I'd be willing to bet that 90% of the riders here can't ride to the full potential of a steel frame bike let alone an aluminum." and "I'd say the only people who may benifit from an aluminum frame would be a Class A MX racer and above." You want to argue these points more? Let me know when you get your next podium thanks to the aluminum frame.
  2. The steel to aluminum frame comments are pretty damn funny. I'd be willing to bet that 90% of the riders here can't ride to the full potential of a steel frame bike let alone an aluminum. I'd say the only people who may benifit from an aluminum frame would be a Class A MX racer and above. Guys going out to MX practices and to local riding spots gain nothing from aluminum. Proper suspension setup and rider skill is the key to any type of off-road riding.
  3. http://www.amadirectlink.com/legisltn/rapidresponse.asp
  4. DO THIS NOW! http://www.amadirectlink.com/legisltn/rapidresponse.asp
  5. It's all about the rider. Bikes have been turning great for a long time.
  6. Guess you two guys miss the part about the guy being disabled. ^^ For the price of the repairs needed maybe see what the would do on a trade for a new/newer bike. Or bite the bullet and get it fixed. Tough choice.
  7. To each his own
  8. Go to Sears. They have them by the lawn mower section. 30 bucks. Zip tie it somewhere.
  9. There are pros and cons....to EFI. The thing I don't like about EFI in bikes/quads is adding a few mods starts to cost more. Such as adding a pipe or aftermarket intake. Now instead of buying a few cheap main jets you have to buy a power commander or do-beck device. So now tack on $100 to $300 to the cost of a pipe. Another thing to worry about with EFI becomes the electrical components needed. With a carb you have one less "electrical" thing to worry about going wrong. Things do like about EFI was my 07 Yamaha 700 EFI motor would fire up perfectly even in the dead of winter at sub zero temps. Throttle response was perfect. If you ride at different altitudes all the time... EFI is the ticket. You should get a little better gas mileage with EFI if that is anyones concern. Bottom line is a flat slide carb or EFI TB tuned properly both work. I've had both and have never had any real major problems with either. I do have the luxury of having a dyno to tune with at my disposal so no biggy either way.
  10. Some of you guys do oil changes way too frequently.
  11. Nope, just check the normal stuff. If it hasn't been ridden much you don't have much to worry about. Check the brakes, check the oil, check for play in the steering head...etc. I just picked a 04 up myself a few weeks ago. Bullet proof bikes if you ask me. And unless you are a professional racer no need for aluminum frame. Also, you can weld steel much easier than aluminum if ever needed.
  12. I have a flywheel weight in a 04 YZ450. The bike never stalls on me in the woods and I ride some very tight single track with many hill climbs. I think the best mod out there is called the "rider" mod. Learn good clutch control and there is no stalling the bike out. I don't do much slipping of the clutch at all. It's either engaged or its not. Learn to ride the bike in first gear going slow and to keep the bike always moving in the woods. I had a YZ250 smoker woods machine... flywheel weight and thats it. I rarely stalled that bike, and to compare the two bikes, the yz250 needed much more clutch work in the woods. IMO, much harder to ride in the slow tricky stuff than the 450 is.
  13. What seems to work for me every time is when the bike is cold is: 1) Pull the choke out 2) One twist of the gas 3) One good kick Fires every time first kick. I can get it to start with out any gas but it needs a few kicks if I don't turn the throttle atleast once. I would try to adjust the mixture screw. My buddy was having trouble with his and 1 3/4 turns out did the trick. Good luck.
  14. Thanks for the info guys. I ended up going with the 04 YZ450F. I wanted a change from the two stroke and so far so good. Bike is very predictable and has good manners. I'm adapting to the bike pretty quick. Here is a pic for your enjoyment.
  15. Thanks guys I went with the YZ450F - So far its a great bike. I'm adapting to it pretty quick. here is a pic