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  1. One place I ride has a very steep, very gooey-clayish, off camber down hill section. I "discovered" this skiing thing when no matter how softly I used the brakes, they both locked up I ended up standing and swinging the rear wheel around with my hips kinda like a rudder. It is pretty unnerving the first few times. It does work in that situation.
  2. Woods387

    superbikes and riding schools

    I had a Ducati ST2 for a few years. I LOVED that bike! Comfortable to ride quite a distance, not hassle to run in town and would take the twisties just fine. It took a little more upkeep than a Japanese bike, but it was worth it to me.
  3. Woods387

    Three Problems

    You may be right, I was thinking oil drain.
  4. Woods387

    Three Problems

    Anything you may attempt to do with the stripped out check bolt is probably going to require a complete disassembly of your motor! I know if I tried to "fix" it any other way, I would end up with metal filings EVERYWHERE on the inside. Just a thought...
  5. One of my riding buddies has a KDX 200 and he is definitely the low maintenance owner. I can attest to that bikes ability to hold up to that kind of treatment! If it runs, buy it!
  6. Woods387

    Who armor alls their bike tires???

    Nope. They mean it so you don't use it on your street bike tires. I did this once. ONCE.
  7. Woods387

    Quads... What do you think.

    I think I'm going to buy a 3 wheeler and do my darndest to make 3 ruts everywhere I go just to screw up everyone equally.
  8. Woods387

    Fly Wheel Weight

    I have the TrailTech 13oz. on my '03 and I really like it. Much, MUCH less tiring.
  9. Woods387

    Which type of engine gaurd are people using?

    I have one from Utah Sport Cycle. I read somehwere that it's the same as the Moose - but a little cheaper.
  10. Woods387

    clanky noise in motor

    I have an '03 that makes the same noise. I think that if it's more of a "pingy" noise, it's probably chain slap. If it were cam chain, it would be more of a clack. At least, that's the conclusion I came to.