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    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    You have to request the MSO separately. When you get the bike send him the VIN number and he will issue a MSO and Bill of Sale. I just took them to the BMV with the bike so it could be inspected so the numbers matched. Assembly is not too hard. It is mostly putting on plastic panels. Loctite will probably be a necessity. The gas tank panels are not the easiest to fit and will probably require a little trimming to get to fit right.
  2. andy singelton

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I got one of these http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Othe...665 8919QQrdZ1 Its a 200cc chinese made enduro bike( maybe street legal in Georgia ) I bought my bike from this fellow as well. I have ridden it about 80 miles so far. I was able to title and plate it in Indiana. I have had to locktite the fasteners around the muffler. So far it seems to be a good machine.
  3. andy singelton

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I replaced my spark plug from the LG D8TC to an NGK DP8EA-9. The engine does run better. I also cut out the rear restriction in the tail pipe. The sound is much better. It is deeper and less like a tin can. I did not notice any increase in top speed (60 mph)but the engine seems to have more low end. I am still running the 56 tooth sprocket. I plan on changing that next to a low 40-ish size.
  4. andy singelton

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    Actually, I would like to get another chain so that I can go back to the original setup if things don't work out with the smaller sprocket. The chane size is 428 but does anyone know how many links? The DMV experience was not too bad here. I brought the bike to the license branch on a trailer. The computer had trouble with the VIN numbers but the lady operating the computer got an override and got the thing into the system. How does one modify the muffler to reduce the exhaust restriction. Can the spark arrestor just simply be cut out?
  5. andy singelton

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I recently purchased a geeley 200gy. I was able to title it and plate it yesterday in Indiana. I was hoping for a little more specific input on modifications. I would like to change the spark plug to the NGK type. Does anyone have the part number for the NGK plug. In addition I would like to change from the 56 tooth rear sprocket to a 42 tooth. I would like to know what type of chain to buy as well. Finally, I was hoping for some input on the various types of exhausts types or modifications to the standard exhaust. So far I think the bike is pretty neat. I have had it up to 60 mph but that really has the engine wound up at that speed. I would appreciate any input. Thankyou