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  1. Hooks


    We have never met and may never ride together, but just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your son....
  2. Hooks

    Hows It Lookin???

    It's lookin like your gonna have some fun!
  3. A simple NO does it....
  4. Hooks

    Michigan On-Road Equipment Inspection

    This is very good encouragement....also plan to plate the same bike after I get a sicass kit installed. Thanks for the post !! good gas to you !
  5. Hooks

    I quite!!! To old and body worn out

    Well...I guess I'll join the parade also.... None of us really want to quit, but thats the hard part at times...slowing down. Just have to realize what you can and can't I guess... At least now, hearing the rest of you all, I'm not in the boat by myself....
  6. Hooks

    What Year Is Your 450X?

    o7' ...... still with O miles....
  7. Hooks


    Hey Man....your certainly not old...hahaha...(see my age there).... When I did race, I was just happy to finish. If your having fun, thats good, if your faster than some, thats better.......Go for it !
  8. Hooks


    Just curious Sir...How old are you ? - Hooks
  9. Bought my own Christmas present in Nov.
  10. Hooks

    CRF450X new set up

    I like it... What kind of skid plate?.....
  11. Hooks

    Mich. ORV stickers.....

    Thanks guys for the info....will wait & get a o9'
  12. Hooks

    Mich. ORV stickers.....

    Just bought a new bike.... Is there a certain spot you have to place the ORV sticker?, or is it anywhere, like fender, forks..etc.... Thanks - Hooks
  13. Hooks

    Fuel Tank

    Do you have any idea what kinda range that would give ya ?... and I assume that would be an easy install for a o7' also ?....
  14. Hooks

    $6125 OTD ... help me do better!

    I just drove down from michigan to HONDA EAST in Maumee, Ohio. It was worth the drive...... Call them...419.891.1230 Ext.45, Scott Johnson