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  1. jmccool

    raping a kx60 :-)

    so if I get my kid a 110 then buy an old kx60 I can use the front forks as-is, just slide 'em into the triples on the 110, what about the rear suspension, will the swingarm and shock bolt up too? are there any other parts that may move over to the 110? thx...
  2. jmccool

    '02 wr250f

    for whatever reason the wr's are really hard to find in GA, the '02 I found is the only one on the market right now, I'm looking on craigslist, georgiaoffroad and ga-mxracing ( as well as cycle trader ), I was thinking of getting the crf250x instead just because there are more of them around but I was worried about all the rumors with valve issues...
  3. jmccool

    '02 wr250f

    is an '02 wr250f worth 2200, assuming decent shape, or are the newer ones worth the extra cash, I'm not sure about reliability of the older models versus the newer ones, there is a dealer near me selling '07's for 5800 OTD which sounds like a good deal...I just hate spending that much cash if the '02 could still be a good bike
  4. jmccool

    KLX300 Suspension Question (Help)

    if you install heavier springs is there anything that can be done cheaply for the rebound damping, maybe just heavier or more fork oil or something like that? thanks, John
  5. jmccool

    klx300, good beginner bike?

    with some heavier front fork springs can this bike make it around an MX track? I will ride 95% trails but wouldn't mind being able to mix it up with my kids a bit on the track. I'm starting to lean towards either the KTM 250 xcf or a Yamaha WR250f. Totally different price points I know but I want something I can get total use out of. thanks for the replies....
  6. I'm looking for a bike to ride woods and some MX on, totally non-competative, just hanging with my kids on their 50's. Is this a good choice of bike for this task? Can it handle slow trips through the woods as well as an occasional jaunt on an MX track? I may eventually want to race hare scrambles with it but more just for fun. Also, will the seat height be OK for a 5'8" guy? I believe this bike is kick start only which is my main concern for seat height. Thanks.....
  7. jmccool

    hmm rattling?

    My kid's 50's have both had problems with the screws that hold the heat shields on the exhaust pipe. You might want to ensure they are all still there and not loose. The are a few of them somewhat hidden on the underside of the pipe that when loose sound similar to what you are describing. Later, John
  8. jmccool

    Suspension Rebound

    is there any difference between just adding preload to your front fork and rear spring vs. getting the bbr springs? I weigh in at 170 and am riding a crf150..... thanks, John
  9. jmccool

    suspension for a kid

    I don't mind spending a few bucks on it, his primary ride is a Cobra CM50, but he races the Honda too just to allow him to enter more moto's on race day.....
  10. is there anyone out there that makes slightly stiffer springs or possibly an aftermarket fork for an aggressive kid? he races the bike and continually bottoms the crap out of it on table tops but I'm sure the typical springs or aftermarket forks that are made for adults would be sprun way too heavy. He's only 50 pounds.... thanks, John
  11. jmccool

    150 on an MX track

    Just wondering if any of you have 150's that you hit the MX track on. I'm 5'8" and weigh 170 pounds. I bought the bike to chase my kids around but now am getting the itch to learn how to ride an MX track. I'm figuring I can either beef up the 150 a bit as long as I don't have to spend too much, or sell it and buy an MX bike. Ultimately I want to be able to clear some doubles and table tops but currently have no plans on racing. Can the 150 handle it without breaking if I stiffing it up with the BBR springs front and rear? I asked this question a while back but it seems there are a lot more 150 owners out here now so I thought I'd ask again. Thanks for any input. Later, John
  12. jmccool

    Trashed 230f

    sorry to hear about your bike, just a thought though, buy a rolling chassis from BBR and stuff the 230f motor in it.....part out the good stuff from your stock chassis.... best of luch however you solve it... later, John
  13. jmccool

    Youth Training

    Hello All, My boys and I are new to MX and my oldest son, he's 6, has been pushing me to let him race. Are there any MX schools or training videos that focus on training kids? He's moved from a Honda crf70 to a cobra cm-50, holy smokes that cobra is fast.... Thanks for any input. BTW, we are in metro Atlanta if anyone knows of a school there. John
  14. jmccool

    My son....CRF100 vs. CR85

    isn't there some type of heavy flywheel mod you can do to a two stroke to let it run better at lower rpm's?
  15. jmccool

    People over 30 still ridin dirt

    just an note on this topic, I just turned 40 and have to say with some working out and a healthy diet I typically whoop the crap out of the 20 and 30 something crowds in the gym, on the mountain bike or at the MX track. Most of the younger guys around Atlanta are so sorry and out of shape any halfway health concious 40 year old can smack 'em around like school girls with their twig arms. Of course there are some serious young riders out there that take care of themselves and they school me big time at the track. Most younger guys just don't take care of themselves though.