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  1. BLM announced today a deal has been reached to legally reopen the access to Juniper Dunes. Here is the News Release
  2. Y-Guy

    Update on Juniper Dunes Access

    Any further updates on Juniper Dunes? I'm hearing that people are riding on the weekends, been pretty busy. I haven't heard if the gate is opened or not and of course can't find any word from the BLM website and the nmaoffroad.org website hasn't been updated since March 05. Thanks.
  3. Y-Guy

    Update on Juniper Dunes Access

    Thanks for the update.
  4. Y-Guy

    Juniper Forest

    willyp19 - did you get the feeling that is is officially open now? A couple of weeks ago a friend was talking with Doc Hastings (US Rep) and indicated that little progress was being made at all. If its open that's good news.