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  1. chrisCRF250

    Excel rims??

    ok thanks for the help.
  2. chrisCRF250

    Excel rims??

    hi i got a pair of excel rims for a 06 crf 250 and was just wondering will they go on a 08 sxf 250 because i wanted to keep them as spares! thanks chris
  3. chrisCRF250

    06 valve clearences?

    can someone please tell me the valve clearences for the 2006 crf 250! intake and exhaust!! in both measurments - .002/0.05mm ect thanks
  4. chrisCRF250

    Cleaning air filters??

    thanks for the responce!
  5. chrisCRF250

    Cleaning air filters??

    how do you clean your air filter in the washing machine? what temperature ect?? and is it ok to do this??
  6. chrisCRF250

    transmission oil??

    will it be okay on the clutch
  7. chrisCRF250

    transmission oil??

    do any of you guys use fully syntetic 4 stroke engine oil for your 06 crf 250??(10w/40)
  8. chrisCRF250

    2006 Crf 250

    I am just getting a 06 crf 250 and just wanted some peoples opinions on them that have one or rode one(any engine problems ect.)! Also is there any accessories i should get for it? Or anything that I should look out for on it?Thanks PS: looked up the search engine and its not working!
  9. chrisCRF250


    if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all! the twin pipes are a bonus.