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  1. Kbro

    YZ 80 Reeds

    I put an 11 oz. weight on my 01' YZ 250 and love it! I thought the weight would sap more power from the 80 though. But now I will get one for it also. It's amazing that a 4 stroke site also has the best 2 stroke forum going. Thanks for the info!
  2. Kbro

    YZ 80 Reeds

    I just converted us over to 2 strokes after 35 years on 4 puffers, for weight reasons. Now we're lovin' the power delivery for the woods too! Except...... I bought an 01' YZ 80 (green sticker issue) for my son and I am looking to improve the bottom end power. Will a Boyesen RAD valve (or torque block), PC Platinum II pipe, BR 9 EG plug and gear down be enough to do the trick? Thanks.