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  1. Which would be better in, say, a desert riding application?
  2. Just got back from a trip out to the desert to try out the new suspension from Javier at Trail Tricks. Such an improvement! No more diving in the sand, blowing through the stroke and bottoming out, or bucking. This bike is now super plush and has an amazing ability to resist bottoming. The bike now makes it easy to go fast. As a matter of fact, the harder you charge the better the suspension works. I let several others try it out and they were amazed at the result. I highly recommend Javier to anyone looking for a great setup. He spent the time to explain what he was going to do. I could tell he has a real passion for this stuff. He was also willing to do a quick turnaround on the shipping when asked.
  3. Shipping my suspension off to Javier at Trail Tricks on Friday. I'll report back once I get a chance to try them out!
  4. Has anyone had Factory Connection revalve their FE suspension? They are right down the street from me...
  5. Do you guys think the APS system is worth the money?
  6. Hi All, What's the consensus on the best suspension tuner for the new Bergs? I just bought a 2010 FE450 and it needs some work. I ride desert (Lucerne, Ocotillo Wells, Johnson Valley, etc...) and am looking for the tuner that has it down. I want a plush go-fast bike. I live in Corona, CA if that makes a difference. I've heard good things about Dick's Racing but only as it relates to KTM. I know the parts are the same but the bike geometry is going to be different. I've read online that the APS system is great but, again, only as it relates to KTM. First hand experience would be awesome.
  7. The tank is made by 70 Degree Racing http://www.70degreeracing.com/services.html It holds about a gallon or about 3.8 liters They also make a pretty awesome engine map switch.
  8. I just installed the switch last night. Better (read:some) should have been included. I had to email 70 Degrees for help. I must say though, it was like 9:30 last night and they replied! That's some good customer service.
  9. I'll make those gas tank mods. As for the 70 Degree switch, thats what I bought actually. I just checked the packaging. There are no instructions, unfortunately. Since I'm going to put on the sub-mount stabilizer, I might as well grease the steering head. The top triple clamp has to come off anyway. What type of grease should I use?
  10. I picked up the Husaberg on Saturday! Ricardo, the owner of 3 Brothers, is an awesome guy. Here she is sitting at home awaiting her hop up parts. So far, I have ordered: FMF 4.1 Titanium slip-on Scotts stabilizer with sub-mount (Pro Race Designs) Husaberg engine mapping switch Carbon Fiber heat shield Plastic frame guards KTM aluminum hand guards with black shields Husaberg anodized blue rear brake reservoir cap I also just picked up a new LEATT GPX neck brace off of eBay for a song. Can't ever be to protected, right? Will someone please take away my credit card? I should be going riding next weekend which will give me time to install all this crap I just bought. So excited! BTW, I took my brother with me to buy the bike. He must have gotten caught up in the excitement because he bought a 2010 530 XCW while I was doing the paperwork! HAHA
  11. I think I will end up spending most of my time desert riding with my buddies. I might enter the occasional race but that wont be the main purpose. Thanks so much for all the advice guys. I'll be sure and post a trip report after the first ride!
  12. What heat shield do you recommend?
  13. Well you guys convinced me. I just put a deposit down on a 2010 FE450 and I pick it up this weekend! I got a local dealer (3 Brothers in Costa Mesa, CA) to get close to the price and to throw in the remapping. I'm STOKED!!!
  14. Well I will check but I would be buying the bike from a dealership in the Midwest. I wonder if it would still have the leaner mapping.
  15. I'm intrigued. What does that mapping do?