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    who has the best suspension set ups for 06 kx450

    Thanks for the advice. i will try and find some suspension off of an 08. and then send it off if needed for my weight and riding ability.i like my bike and i have already had to put a new engine out of and 08 in it. new bikes are so expensive these days and i feel the older bikes can still compete with the new efi bikes.

    who has the best suspension set ups for 06 kx450

    I never thought about buying a shock off of a newer bike. thanks.
  3. I am trying to find out who has the best set up for the 2006 kx 450. let me say that currently I have procircuit works kit installed and it just does not seem to work as well as it use to.i have 172 hrs on the bike and yes i have had the oil changed several times since then. could my suspension be wore out? i race only motocross tracks with this bike, no trails. i am a vet rider.so who out there knows another company that could do good job for the average weekend warrior.

    #on Engine Cases

    How can you tell what year an engine is by the # on the cases? I took a chance and bought a used engine for my 06 kx450f off of ebay last week and the guy i bought it from sold it as an 08 engine.I am not sure how to tell the difference in an 07 and an 08. if anybody knows what those # mean, it would help ease my mind. thank you in advance

    13-52 gearing? Anybody run this on a 06?

    I Am running a 13-52 and i am fixing to go back to stock gearing,just because i am running out of speed up top. Pulls hard off the bottom but you loose that smooth pull in 3rd and 4th like its tapped out sooner than you need. still fast as sh**,I like the bigger outdoor tracks thow.

    problems with new top end

    I put a new top end in my o6 450 and now i can not get it to run rite. It will crank on first kick and idle fine,but when i take off there is no power and the bike has a deeper sound like somthing is blocking exhuast i played with the fuel screw and that did not help. If anybody can help i am willing to listen.

    What would you do???

    I am proud to say that i just put my first top end in my bike today after 91hr on it, and it loooked fine.The piston had some carbon on top,not much. the wrist pin looked good. I also used a wisco. 06kxf rules in my book.

    Broken foot peg

    Has anyone out there broke a foot peg braket on there 06 450's,and if so do they make an aftermarket replacement or do i need to go back to stock. I broke mine yesterday off of a double. Any help would be great. thanks.

    Kawasaki Troubles

    I have an 06 kx450f with 70hr on it looking into putting a new top end in it, but conpression still good runs good i have not even taken the plug out yet and i have raced this bike hard and kept it serviced with regular oil and filter changes.no problems:thumbsup:

    Fork Oil

    I have 50 hr on my kx450,and i have not yet change my fork oil for what ever reason it just has not been done. But now it's time and i was wondering if anybody out there has ever used a 20w fork oil and if so what kind of effect will a heaver weight oil have on the forks. 5w comes in the forks. Will it be better on longer motos? some help on this would be nice :

    Countershaft sprockets

    Counter Shaft Sprocket Is The Same As The Yz450f.

    steel sprocket's

    I bought a JT steel sprocket with a rk 520 gold chain. I just have not put it on yet. when i picked up the rear sprocket,it felt like a lead weight compared to the alum, so i felt it best to ask these ? before i put it on and could not return it if needed.

    steel sprocket's

    Who currently has a rear steel sprocket? What i would like to know, is if you can feel the difference in the weight of the sprocket while riding/jumping. the aluminum sprocket just won't last long.So i need to make a change. Can anybody help with this?

    How are your clutches holding up?

    no problems at all with mine and i have over 20 hard hours on it,ams oil. works for me.

    best pre race food.....

    what else? just honey? maybe pb&j