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  1. gra

    TE pictures

    TE410e Electric Start ... check out my Garage for pics
  2. Thanks Charlie, I'm actively looking for the second hand Enduro pipes, ... just a waiting game. Thanks for your help and advice, I'm trying my first Enduro in a couple of week, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  3. After all that I bet you find its squeaky clean, and never needed looking at ! but at least you'll know your done it .... big tick, job done. Cheers
  4. Hi jjm, I think the 610 is about the same as the TE410e and I had the same problem with the mysteries of the hidden bag filter. I've attached a photo of where it is on mine, hope it helps ? http://freespace.virgin.net/graham.glen/DSCN3474.JPG
  5. Hi Husky Guru's I have been advised to ditch my beloved twin pipe system for a 2 into 1 I have been suffering with a severe lack of power compared to my friends 2 stroke pingers ... and am running out of options to try and bag a few more horses ! The cats fitted to the standard pipes sap wot little power the 410 can throw out, and I've been assured from a dealer that the 2 into 1 race pipe option would give me a 10% increase in power ... cant knock that. I've been looking at a GPR race can, but if you know of any other really good ones that fit onto the TE410e 2000 or have similar experiences I'd really like to hear from you. Thanks again,
  6. Interceptor, I think the carb route is favourite, I've played around with gearing and spent quids of sprockets, with no noticeable improvement. I'm all up for bining the CAT's too, will this have any effect on the bikes current settings, like jetting etc ? It will be a while until I can find a SH carb for the right price, and until then I'd like to keep using it. Just one other thing, without the CAT's fitted will this make MOT's even harder to scrape though, and is the noise increase still under the limit for some fussy track marshalls ? Thanks again.
  7. Cheers Guys, All good advice, .... bit gutted to hear the 410e are not "very powerful" ...! Can the cats be removed from the exhausts ? I really like the dual exhausts, they give it that special feel, ... make it stand out from the other bikes. I think I'm stuck with what I've got ... nevermind, it's just I rode at Wildtracks the other weekend, and it's quite a loose sandy circuit, and the heavy front end just digs in on the corners a little too much at times, and just beds in and throws you off. I hoped with a lighter front end under throttle, I might just skip over the ruts and manage to get round without making a complete arse of it ! I really brought the Husky for Green Laning, but am now having doubts it's too heavy ... guess I gotta try it and see. Love it to bits, though wouldnt want to change it, check out the garage pics. Thanks again guys, it's good to talk !
  8. I've read all the thread I can on this subject and made my own opinions from them, but I'm still having difficulty, and need to call in the experts ! I have a TE410e 2000 and on whole it's a great bike, looks the biz and goes well, but I just cant get the front wheel off the ground under throttle. Its standard setup is 14t on the counter shaft and 45t on the rear wheel. I've dropped the front to 13t and cant really notice that much difference. Even with a great wrist full of throttle I cant lift that front wheel. Anyone else found this with the TE410e's ? I'd change the rear sprocket for more teeth if I really thought it would help. I know the power is there, but it comes in so smoothly, not like your 2 strokes, hence the bike just zooms off, without even a hint of that elusive wheelie ! It might be something else, carb setting, engine ... I'm just all out of ideas ... Help !
  9. gra

    TE410e starting problems

    I always turn the fuel petcock off, when the bikes not in use, just incase a hose is perished or split ... anf garage floods with petrol ? I taken this opportunity to service the top end, I found the top piston ring to be fully closed in the ring gap and stuck, ... i.e not floating in the ring gap taking up uneven movement in the bore. This might be why compression didnt seem as high as it has been in the past. So, trying new rings, and a bit of TLC to make her purr again ..! Thanks.
  10. gra

    TE410e Engine Timing

    Thanks that's really useful, ... I feel a bit of a Dumbo asking these obvious questions, but I'd rather that than the valve smacking into the piston !!! So, finding TDC on the piston sounds within my amateur ability, .... what about the camshaft in the head, what relation should that have to the piston, and can this be checked in a similar way. There is a scribed line on the top camshaft gear which should line up with the head casting top ... but is this accurate enough ?
  11. Calling all Gurus .... I have rebuilt the top end of my 2000 TE410e and now need some help with the cam belt timing. I've noticed on the cam rocker gear there is a mark to one side, which should line up with the top edge of the cylinder head casting. Also on the flywheel are some marks, labelled A, T and ?? are these to help identify the engine TDC position. Never having done this before, is there any help reagrds setting the cambelt positions I can download. I have a workshop manual but this doesnt help much in this area. What determines TDC and how critical is it its spot-on ? How do you know when you have it correct ? Any help would be very useful, Thanks in advance.
  12. Went to take my TE410e 2000 out yesterday after not using it for a few weeks, and cant get it started. I had changed the plug the other day and forgot to reconnect it to, so after several minutes of trying to start it without the spark plug being connected, it now wont start. I'm fairly sure its flooded, but I'm worried I might have damaged the ignition system? Any help with techniques or tips on starting a flooded engine would be helpful. Also I've found a screw on the bottom LH side of the cylinder head, is this for draining any unused fuel from the chamber, ... thought this might help if its flooded. When I took the screw out it is about 1" long, smooth barreled ? I can send a pic if anyone's interested. I've checked the following, got good spark (don't know about timing though) clean air filter, and fuel seems OK too. HELP, HELP, Help, .... Please !
  13. Hi Guys, Some help and advice really please. I have brought a 2000 TE410e and stripped it down and have finally finished and completed re-assembly. I have checked the engine compression and am getting around 160 PSI. Is there a common figure compression should be for a bike of this make and year ? I'd like to know I'm about there, or under so I can get the best out it when I ride. Thanks.
  14. gra

    Husqvarna TE410 Oil Change

    Just to conclude the "finale of the Missing RH Bag Filter" I've eventually found it ..! I've had to remove the clutch outer casing, done carefully saves you a new gasket and in the bottom front of the engine casing rim is a what looks like a small metal sleeve, burried into the case's extreme edge ... pull this out and hey presto ... RH bag filter ..... Waste of time really, it looked fine ! If you want any pics let me know and I can email you them.
  15. Thanks again Charlie, .... New Clutch Hub from Husky Sport £86 all in, post, VAT the whole caboodle ..! The one on ebay is of great interest I've been watching it since last night, ends tomorrow .... so hands off ... I really need one. Failing that, I've dismissed welding, as the cast ali just melts under welding, but there is a possibility I can bolt a spacer in, which would be more secure ... probably stronger than the other Five ! The clutch does have an uneven pull when applied with one spring fixing missing, so could by my neutral problem. I'm thinking of just throwing the spring I found in the sump last week away and pretending I never found it !