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  1. Wow, I forgot about the piston return spring. I've got to do that upgrade soon.
  2. I just ordered the Avon Roadriders. Looks like a good road only tire. Once mounted, I'll let evryone know how they ride on a stocker. Have the Gripsters now. Good tires, but I wanted a full on street tire that fits the stock rims.
  3. The Rotax Aircraft engine guys reccomend air cooled engine CHT's (Cylinder Head Temperature)to be around 350-400F (176-204C) at the sparkplug. My Vapor unit reads around 300-350F under load (~70MPH) with ambient air temps around 92F. At cruise speed (~55MPH) the unit reads around 260-285F Hope that helps.
  4. A manual on CD for 2 bucks? hmmm, sounds to me like that free PDF file floating around that someone has put on a disk.
  5. Looks good spuddy. Actually, I think the D.O.T. makes you have a red reflector at the tail anyway doesn't it?
  6. yep, if the master cyl. piston dia. is increased(larger), that would reduce lever stroke, but would require more hand pressure to operate. That's assuming that the caliper piston remains the stock size. A smaller dia. master cyl. piston would make the stroke longer, but would require less hand pressure. So, the question would be: Do I want the less travel and use my gorilla forearms to apply the brake sooner, or do I use every mm of lever stroke with just my two fingers? Personal preference I guess.
  7. http://www.customdynamics.com/illuminatorz_licence_plates.htm#Billet%20LED%20License%20Plate%20Frame without frame should work
  8. maybe the one here: http://www.customdynamics.com/illuminatorz_licence_plates.htm#Billet%20LED%20License%20Plate%20Frame without the frame
  9. check here, not my vid, but had it for awhile.
  10. don't know about the Vapor unit, but I have left my LCD stop watches out in direct sunlight. I have had one of the displays rupture:mad: , most of the time they just get so hot they turn completely black. Then I have to set them in front of a fan to cool them off. Any kind of protection from heat will extend the life of electronics.
  11. Just curious, how many kilometers/miles are on your ride?
  12. Bought with 4 test miles on it in Dec. 2006. 2006 model $4500 included new HJC helmet.
  13. um, I dis-agree. But, yes a leak down test would be a better judge of engine health.
  14. Holy snikies! Just add some slots for your Ginsu knives and you could have a tail gate party extreme bike! Doesn't stuff slide around pretty easy on that surface? lol, nope. I use alot of tie downs. Later, I plan on installing quarter turn fasteners at the corners and then make a lockable Alum. box to fit to it.