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  1. I have an 06 250X and took it to the desert last month. For that ride I changed the rear sprocket to a 49 tooth for better top speed, which required me to shorten the chain. Now I am plannig a ride in the woods near where I live and want to go back to the stock rear sprocket. Does anyone know of a subtitute for the riveted master link? Mike Brown
  2. Sorry my membership status does not permit attachments. Get a Nevada map and look up Manhattan NV. It's about 50 miles north northwest of Tonopah. Lots of gold mines and ghost towns. There is even a camp where horses were gathered for the Union Army during the Civil War. Mike Brown
  3. I returned last Sunday from my first Desert Ride on my new 2006 CRF250X. The ride was in the mountains of central Nevada. We rode for three days at an elevation between 7,000ft and 8,000 ft. Each day we rode 70 to 80 miles of dirt road, two track, single track creek beds and some cross country. I changed the gearing from 14-51 to 14-49, changed the main jet to a 142 and set the needle in the 2nd notch From the top. I did not take time to change the pilot jet which left the idle and first 1/8 throttle rich but other than that the engine ran very well and the motorcycle was a blast to ride. Mike Brown