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  1. Etdrt22

    09 kill switch light

    Mine Blacks out, Check your manual for codes and call your dealer. the light up for 2-3 seconds is the EFI system check/prep for riding, don't touch your throttle when its on for that time.
  2. just go for the 250. you will grow faster than you think.. and you will get used to the height of the bike sophomore year i was 5'3" end of junior year i was 6'2"
  3. Etdrt22

    the "dream garage" game

    race bike: modded to no end 2010 crf450 (the stuff the public cant get) trail/woods bike: ktm 300 pit bike:full bbr crf50 screw around bike:aprilia RSV4 quad: 505 sx ATV
  4. Etdrt22


    theres probably a foot of water there. that was removed. we dug the landing to have about 3 ft of water.
  5. Etdrt22


    here are the beginnings of building it... ramp got bigger slide got longer
  6. Etdrt22


    haha in the nitro circus's case its slip and bleed in my case its slip and tear acl
  7. Etdrt22


    i don't have mine on tape.. but im sure ill have the time to tape others now. hhaha it was kind of a freak accident.. like a 7 ft drop to a (stupid) 3ft of water.
  8. Etdrt22


    tore my acl today, nitro circus style on a home made slip and slide with a jump... sucks
  9. Etdrt22

    x games best trick *** judges

    yes they were... wicked
  10. Etdrt22

    x games best trick *** judges

    very true. I bet Travis could have thrown lozas trick down two weeks after he did it last year if he wasn't focused on bigger and better things.
  11. Etdrt22

    x games best trick *** judges

    it has literally been what, 25 min since best trick ended and there are no happy campers haha.. and 33 posts already... x games used to be a thing i looked forward too, couldn't wait till next years once it was over. I don't know now.. I feel like its turning into a bad popularity contest. rather than a test of the athletes ability to throw down insane tricks.. look at what they gave pastrana, if it was just pastrana and loza i still would have given it to pastrana. he showed balls, effort and he wanted to INNOVATE the sport to a new level. loza just won prom queen by throwing a trick he landed last year.
  12. Etdrt22

    x games best trick *** judges

    Bilko should have won, and he did win in my mind! dont get me wrong loza is nasty and that trick is wicked sick. but he has done it. and they talk all about innovation but they give it to the guy that had 3 runs, and has thrown that trick down. IN THE SAME COMPETITION. its just weird for me to say that the same trick won the same competition two years in a row
  13. What is with the judges this year... jeez:foul:
  14. Etdrt22

    skin gear

    i have a pair of like brand new 36 pants. never used them. bought them, sold my bike the next day (really good offer) threw them in the closet and forgot about them.