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    Want to ride Baja?

    I think Mikes is booked and we have riders sleeping on the ground in rooms so sorry everyone but we have no more room.We always have a good group and go down to baja alot so let me know if your interested and I can let you know when we get the next one planned.
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    There is a new class at Best in the Desert for rhinos and side by sides.I am going to race one and was looking for mory info on them.I love my crf450 but after racing off-road race cars I like the rollcage now.These rhinos are a lot of fun you'd be suprised at what they can do.
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    Anyone know any atv forums about yamaha rhinos? I can't find any.
  5. fastercaster

    Octillo west to Chorizo(?) Gorge....

    You can not go up the tracks with a motorcycle. They have tack strips that will give you a flat and there are some areas that you would have to pick up you bike and carry it.I have ridden this trail many times and it is fun on a bicicle if you go down from the top.I have ridden many trails and would not want to ride this on my motorcycle.
  6. fastercaster

    Want to ride Baja?

    We have a group going down at the end of jan.When were you planing on going?We have a good group and will be going for a three day ride. From santo veronica to s.f. the first day then s.f. to mikes ski ranch the second and possably to the observtory and then mikes to santa veronica the last.