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  1. CVarran

    Stock CRF50...

    I was leaning towards the CRF if I could leave it alone with just a set of bars...but I don't know if that would happen. Will the stock suspension be bottomed out already with about 170 lbs. on it? Would I be able to get by with just a set of bars or does the suspension really need upgrading on these as well?
  2. CVarran

    Stock CRF50...

    Anyone else? I'm going to look at this CRF in a few hours...
  3. CVarran

    Stock CRF50...

    Also, if I'm going to pay $950 for the stock CRF50, + upgrades to make it adult friendly....would I just be better off buying a Pitster pro?
  4. CVarran

    Stock CRF50...

    Ok, another question...When you say tall seats...are you guys talking about the kit that raises all the plastic, gas tank, seat, etc. or just the seat itself? Is one way preferred over the other? I'm going to look at a 2005 tomorrow and he is asking $950 for it. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, New guy here. There is a CRF50 for sale locally to me. I am not looking to race it competitively or anything...I am just looking for a pit bike to cruise around on at the track. Would a CRF50 in stock form be enough to pull around an adult? I assume I would need to get a set of handlebars for sure...anything else to make it ridable that I should look into? I'm going to look at it on Wednesday. Thanks in advance.