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  1. I Have a 2003 CRF450R and I supermoto it. Now I'm new to the four strokes. And Change my oil ever weekend after a race. What I've noticed is that I fill the bike up to the High mark on the sight window and after the race weekend I notice that the oil is on the Low limit sometimes lower than that. Is this normal useage or should I look into a new top end? Peace GP
  2. Poppo

    CRF 450 Valves Question

    What causes that condition? (Zero Clearance) Improper Air Filter maintenence, Not changing the oil Frequently, Over Rev, etc.....? Is the valve eating into the seat? I'm just asking. Thanks for the good reason for valve replacement! That would be a good Reason to change the valves.
  3. For What reasons should I change my valves on my CRF450. If I can't measure any wear or bending or obvious signs of damage what is the reason. I can understand the Springs since they are flexing constantly. Or the Seats and valve guides if not properly maintained, But My dealer suggests replacing them (The Valves) everytime I do a Top end on the bike. I appreciate any feed back. Peace GP