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  1. Just pull hard it comes out try twisting too.
  2. My son has a TTR125LE, I have adjusted the clutch as much as they allow and I still can not get the clutch to release any where other than at the end of the throw. My WR450 releases right off the grip. Are there any solutions out there to get the TTR125 to release sooner like a normal bike?
  3. thanks for the review i was looking at the wr250 for my son vs the yz250 that helps me decide . I ride a wr450 and would never trade it for anything. desertnut
  4. nice pics good job , I have a question The white plastic cup on the main jet in your pic. does it just slide over the jet. on my sons bike it was in the bottom of the bowl. with the carb upside down it wont stay on so i sat it in the bowl and put the bowl in place. thanks Desertnut
  5. get a copy of dirt rider mag june 05 it has a full article on all the free mods for the wr450 with pictures.