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  1. R5ran

    Welcome my friend to a dirtbike!

    Check Ebay for the cams, I paid $50 for a set (exhaust and intake) about a year ago. Thanks, R5ran
  2. R5ran

    Trip Computer?

    Hey CBDaddy, I have a Garmin Quest too, and thinks it's great. Use it with the street maps for auto navigation then switch over to the topography maps (separate CD that did not come with the Quest) for off road. My question regards mounting the Quest on a dirt bike. Did you use the standard Garmin handlebar mount? With the crossbar, do you have enough room to see it while riding ? I was concerned about the shock and beating being too much stress on it, or for the flip up antenna flopping around. I currently just start it when I begin my ride, then just put it in my enduro coat pocket, even though it does occassionally lose track of satellites while inside my coat. It would be much nicer to have it plainly in view while riding, thats for sure. Plan on using it on the snowmobile this winter , too. Thanks Randy:ride:
  3. R5ran

    Well Guys I Did It...

    I suggest you go to thumperfaq.com. and read every article. It will tell you everything you wanted to know (and more). Fantastic site and a great source of information for someone with a lot of newbie questions. After being out of MX for almost 20 years, I picked up an almost new WR a year ago and read that site like the bible. Suggest you do the same. Enjoy, Randy.
  4. R5ran

    Did I get the wrong O ring?

    Thanks! Am I correct that it goes over the same long shaft that the spring/washer slide on? Just trying to decipher if my bike running and starting so rough today was from it's naive owner having the wrong O ring in! Thanks Randy
  5. Ok, my 02 Wr 250 had been running and starting like crap lately, so I pulled the float bowl off to clean out any possible crud in there. When I removed the fuel screw, the o ring came out in 3 pieces! So unable to find one at the local dealers, and sudco has a minimum order of $15, I started searching the local hardware/industrial supply houses. I finally did find what I thought was the right size, but I think I goofed! I thought the O ring went on the smaller shoulder, just after the large shaft that has the springwasher on it. But in looking at another thread here about jetting (my bike is still not running right, but thats another posting) I saw a photo that looks like the O ring is actually much larger than the one I bought( and easier to find, too), and rides on the same long shaft as the washer and spring. Can anyone clarify this for me? Also does anyone know the exact O.D and I.D. of this O ring? Thanks in advance, looks like I may be back to the industrial supply store soon! Thank you, Randy.
  6. R5ran

    fuel screw/pilot screw??

    Can you tell me the Honda part number for that fuel screw O ring? # 2 in the diagram? Need it quick for a WR Yamaha, and Yamaha only sells the whole fuel screw and I don't have time to order it separately from Sudco.com. BTW, for anyone good on jetting or modern 4 strokes, I recently started getting a horrible high rpm misfire, (about 10k, I guess, btw- I am not hitting the rev limiter, that is about 13,500 on the 250). It happens in neutral or with the clutch in while in gear easily, but not as easily, under the load of the bike while riding, where it does not rev as easily, but still starts a misfire just as you are thinking about shifting. The bike starts and runs perfectly, except for this misfire. I tried a new plug, checked all electrical connections, tested my TPS (and removed it with no improvement), went leaner on the main jet and clip (thinking it was rich on top, even though it has ran fine all year with the current JD jet kit) and cleaned the carb. When I removed the fuel screw, I found the O ring tore in half, so I tried to run without it, but still have that darn miss. Now, I know the fuel screw is for low end and part throttle applications, but could having that O ring gone completely be causing my high rpm misfire? That is the question!!! Thanks alot, Randy
  7. R5ran

    WR front Number plate??

    Ok, finally got a few pics. First one shows the simple aluminum bracket. Nothing special to look at, (it's very hidden anyways) but works excellent. Next one shows how the lower pin fits in the headlight mounting hole in the lower triple clamp. Last one is a front view photo. http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h94/r5ran/24a4736c.jpg http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h94/r5ran/79bcb490.jpg http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h94/r5ran/ba3c227f.jpg Thanks, Ran.
  8. R5ran

    WR front Number plate??

    I'll get some pics out tomorrow,(after I wash off the 20 pounds of mud covering it currently) still recovering from a Hare scrambles today. My bike is an 02, so I just removed the odometer. But I think you could still use the computer with a bracket if needed. Ran.
  9. R5ran

    WR front Number plate??

    I just bought a stock YZ250f front number plate, and made a small bracket to attach it to where the odometer mounted. The pins on the bottom of the plate fit right into the lower mounting brackets for the headlight mounts. Works and looks great. I can send photos if needed. Hope this helps. Ran.
  10. R5ran


    Excellent answer.
  11. R5ran

    starting hard???

    OK, this may sound dumb, but I have to ask. Before I installed an ecam over last winter, it was easy to find TDC and start my 02 WR250. Now I have the YZ exhaust cam with the auto decompression, and I really don't feel much difference between the strokes as I move the kickstarter, since the decompression dimple is opening the exhaust slightly now. Any further details? I know I must be missing something, as I have read many times in this forum, that after installing the ecam to just "kick it like a 2 stroke"!. Thanks Randy
  12. R5ran

    Kind of dissapointed on my wr250

    Hi, After being out of riding for almost 20 years, I too, just picked up a 02 Wr250F last fall, that was stock except for the exhaust baffle was missing (too loud, we need to keep our riding areas!). While I agree that in this stock form, that the WR is not a rocket, but having read up thoroughly on this site and studying Thumperfaq.com like the bible before I even brought it home, I knew what to expect. Over the winter, I cut the throttle stop, (free), installed a 02 YZ exhaust with a Dr D quiet insert, ($30 on Ebay and much lighter than stock, make sure you get a 01-02 pipe, they bolt right up, and there are tons of them available), cut the gray wire and blue wire, (Grey is for timing, blue is for starting , read up on this on Thumperfaq), installed a 04 YZ250F exhaust cam with the auto decompression ($30 on Ebay) built a Jamesnow, (a free version of Powernow!), installed a Scott's stainless steel oil filter and magnetic drain plugs, installed Acerbis bash bars and Devol radiator guards ($30 each from Ebay, get full guards, not just braces) removed the headlight, odometer, and kickstand for weight and replaced it with a numberplate, also, make sure your coolant tank is not filled too high, no reason to haul excess coolant or weight around, (this tank can be removed, but if you do any slow, hot running, it is safer to keep it installed). My JD jetting kit is on order, but as soon as a patch of snow melted, I could not wait for the JD kit, I had to try it! All I can say it's like a new bike. Starts as easy as a 2 stroke, and pulls like a freight train and is smooth and has more torque than any 2 stroke. I can notice a difference in weight and handling, too. A YZ tank and seat was considered, to help the handling, but I am 6'4" , so I sit back more than most riders, so I do not find the seat/ tank junction too wide, as others have mentioned. Besides, I do like the flexibility of the large capacity tank. So I now have the best of both worlds. Virtually the power of a YZ, with the flexibility that only the WR offers (big tank capacity, softer suspension, wide ratio trans, and lights, if needed) and the satisfaction I did this all for about one third by friend paid for there Honda 450s. Do it. You'll be proud and happy. Thanks Randy
  13. R5ran

    Stupid question, 02 yz250f

    Not a stupid thing at all, we have all done such things, i have even done it on my car during a brake job. Not being an expert, I still can't see that you would not open them up the same way you would on a car, where you just take a C clamp and force the pistons (and fluid) back. Since they are probably closed tight on each other, you wont have the space available for a clamp, so just take a large dull screwdriver and slowly spread them back apart, being careful not to damage any parts. Once you get them apart a little, if you can wedge your screwdriver in between the pads, that may be the best, as the pad material is tough, and if you put a little mark in the pads, it's no big deal. Hope this helps. Randy
  14. R5ran

    2001 gray wire mod wr250

    This should answer all your questions. http://www.thumperfaq.com/gray_wire.htm Once you read this, you'll find it very easy. Randy
  15. Hi, was looking at purchasing a 02 YZ aluminum subframe for my 02 WR. I know there are no mounts for the coolant bottle, but will my stock WR seat fit on the YZ subframe? Thanks, Randy