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  1. grahame

    RM250 97 or 98 mod

    Hi all, I have just bought a 97 or 98 rm250 for my wife to ride. It has whity grey oil in gear box. I am thinking the water pump shaft seal is stuffed. My question is, do you need to split the case to fix this problem, or simply remove the clutch side casing ??? Any help would be muchly appreciated. kind regards Grahame
  2. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    Just put it all together , started 3rd kick and runs well. and hopefully will for ever after regards Grahame
  3. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    I just got my flywheel back today. Looks like a bit of a rough job, they put a grub screw in and cut the magnet assembly, anyhow hope it works. Fingers crossed Grahame
  4. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    sorry bout the previos post, I hadn't yet seen this one. Best of luck with it anyhow!!! kind regards Grahame
  5. grahame

    TC 610 Ignition Timing

    Gday, Sorry,I cant help you with the tech questions, but where did you get it re glued. I have just sent mine away (to melburne), the bloke at the shop said it was a routine job and everything will be sweet when it comes back. Hope he's right. Are your magnets in a plastic type sleeve i.e cant be moved seperately?? Mine in a 2000 model with ducati ignition. kind regards grahame
  6. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    I am in Newcastle NSW. I actually got hold of a puller the hard way (got one made up) Thanks anyhow kind regards Grahame
  7. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    Gday, has anyone up made a flywheel puller to suit a 2000 tc610, if so what are the dimensions thread size etc?? Also, is it possible that a puller of another bike would fit??? anyhelp would be appreciated grahame
  8. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    Thanks for your replies. You are all spot on. Once I get a flywheel puller that fits I can inspect the damage. ( I can hear a scratching sound behind the flywheel) cheers Grahame
  9. grahame

    TC610 no spark

    Gday all, I have a 2000 TC610. It has never missed a beat until the otherday when I tried to start it. Long story but eventually found to have no spark. it is strange because it started 2nd kick only 2 weeks ago. All wiring up from high tension lead is OK ( checked with multi meter). I just spoke to a mate who had similar problem when one of the magnets in the ignition system (behind flywheel) came unglued. Apparently the whole bit needed to be sent to Husky to be reglued with special husky glue?. Does this sound right??? Has anyone had this happen, or have any clues etc what to do ??? Any help would be appreciated. kind regards Grahame Hicks
  10. grahame

    crank case vapour ?????

    Thanks for the replies. At least it is good to I am not alone, lol regards grahame
  11. grahame

    crank case vapour ?????

    Gday all, I have a 2000 TC610. It had a weird problem occur last ride. A fair amount of oil came out of the frame in front of the exhaust port. Looking at the manual it appears that it has an unusual crankcase breather system. Crankase vapour cup?? Is it possible that the oil is surcharging up the breather into the reservoir at a faster rate than it can gravity feed back into the sump? What are the possible causes of this??? Has anyone had this problem before?? any hints would be greatly appreciated. regards grahame