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  1. 300xc for me. KLX140L for my 14 year old and 85sx for my 13 year old.
  2. nutmoto

    KTM 300 XC 2014

    Favorite bike so far, 50 hours on it so far and the more I ride it, the more I like it.
  3. nutmoto

    KTM 300 XC (2014)


    Favorite bike so far, 50 hours on it so far and the more I ride it, the more I like it.
  4. nutmoto

    OEM Parts

    The OEM button is gone again. I jumped on their live chat and the person I talked to said that due to some licensing and trademark issues the OEMs are not allowing them to sell through that site and said they didn't know when or if negotiations would allow them to bring that section back again. bummer...
  5. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Well, I still don't have my bike back yet, but I should get it back this week... I want to get all the details and work through some stuff with the Honda shop before posting the follow-up... I promise I won't forget! Thanks again!
  6. nutmoto

    Battery time

    I bought this one a couple of months ago for $44 -> $54 shipped... seems to be working pretty well... http://www.batterymart.com/p-ytz7s-agm-maintenance-free-battery.html -Al
  7. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Thanks again... I finally swallowed my pride, loaded it up and took it to the Honda shop. I should get it back next week with an answer hopefully on what I did wrong. When I get it back, I'll follow up with the solution for posterity's sake... I'm up in Logan, thanks for the offer, I'll keep it up my sleeve for the next time I jump in over my head! -Al
  8. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    The angle of that picture was a little weird, but if you get down even with the mark, it was really close. When I align the flywheel side like in scenario #2, the inner dot is higher than the arrow... Good question! This is how measured the gap... First I bent my .006 feeler gauge I can fit the .006 in, but not a .007 Here's the exhaust measurement at .011 and, here's the decompressor measurement at .014 Does that look right to you guys? Thanks again!
  9. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    It feels like timing to me, but I'm at a loss for what to try next, I'm afraid of screwing up my new valve job and have read and re-read the service manual and every relevant post I can find regarding the timing and putting it all back together. It seems straight forward to me, but no matter how many times I take it apart and put it together, it doesn't want to run for me...
  10. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Here's a video of scenario #2 below, an occasional pop and will backfire a little with the hot start pulled. There are a couple of dots on there, but I usually throw a straw down the spark plug hole to make sure I'm at TDC and check slack in the rocker arms to make sure I'm on the right stroke. So, now I've got 3 scenarios which make no sense to me: Scenario #1, by the book: I line up the crank mark and dot as instructed in the service manual -> then I align the cam sprocket, check the gaps, and put the timing chain on -> make sure it's on the right tooth and lined up. Gaps: Exhaust=.011, Intake=.006, Decomp=.014 Result: no compression, will not start Scenario #2, according to Paul: I line up the second mark on the flywheel, to get the cam sprocket to line up with the mark I have to move the sprocket one tooth counter clockwise. Gaps (stayed the same): Exhaust=.011, Intake=.006, Decomp=.014 Result: compression at 30psi, click here for video of this one trying to start, an occasional pop and backfires, especially when pulling the hot start. Scenario #3: I move the sprocket one more tooth counter-clockwise, so I'm two teeth away from where the service manual tells me I should be. This picture is with the flywheel mark aligned, the cam sprocket is counter-clockwise one tooth: Gaps (stayed the same): Exhaust=.011, Intake=.006, Decomp=.014 Result: compression at 55psi, the bike will actually start if I hold the hot start in, but it runs *really* rough and won't run for more than a few seconds, sounds like valves might be slapping too (scary)?? What am I doing wrong?
  11. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Well, I'm back from vacation and back at it with the moto, thanks for all the replies and suggestions! Here are the steps I've tried, but it's still won't start ... *note: before I left, I ordered the hot cams shim kit so I wouldn't have to keep visiting the honda shop, should have done that in the first place. Okay, I gave up looking at the crank side and lined up the "second" mark (as in the mark on the right?) on the flywheel side: *Nice tip! That helped a bunch.* Then, I measured the gap again and changed out my intake shims using Paul's method, they now feel spot on: Exhaust=.011, Intake=.006, and Decomp adjusted to .014. After changing the shims, I lined up the cam sprocket with the mark, it looks to me like it's right on: Moved the ground wire to the top bolt: I also put a brand new spark plug in, just for good measure. It sounds like it wants to start, but won't... maybe I should be lining up the with the "left" mark on the flywheel?
  12. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    I'll check that and try again. My wife just told me I'm done, we're trying to get out to another family reunion... next chance I'll have to work on it will be Thursday, but I'll make sure to check back if there's any other suggestions, then I'll start moving the cam sprocket a tooth again. Thanks again for your help everyone! ...to be continued...
  13. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Intake = .007, I can actually squeeze .008 in there but it's really tight, manual says I should be at .006, I was hoping I could run .007 for a few hours then re-shim after the valves seat. Exhaust = right on .011 on both although I had to use different thickness of shims, the right exhaust valve had to be a little thicker, to get them on. If I remember right, the decompressor is a .014, I adjusted it at first but haven't been checking that one as much...
  14. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    Exactly! Anybody know of a good tutorial on where to start from the beginning? Thanks again...
  15. nutmoto

    Help! Timing after valve job...

    I never loosened the flywheel, so the mark on the crank and the mark on the flywheel should be in the same place right? I went out and took a picture of the flywheel mark just to make sure... this mark is lining up with the line on the right, not the "f" mark. Also, I forgot to mention one of the many troubleshooting things we did last night... I did throw a timing light on it and when I crank it over, it flashes on the f-mark perfectly every time, the manual says you're supposed to time it at 1800rpm, but since it won't start I wanted to see if it was even close, I'm not sure what that tells me tho... thanks again!