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  1. hardcore_rm

    Rear wheel for 98 CR125

    The wheel I currently have has the followint markings ML3RR 234 72 - 08 -15 19x185 According to http://**************/HONDACR125BIKEID.aspx ML3-RR 234 - 20MM AXLE DIA - BRG TO BRG 134MM - BRAKE ROTOR DIA 220MM - ROTOR BOLT CIRCLE DIA 140MM 4 BOLTS - SPROCKET BOLT CIRCLE DIA 153MM 6 BOLTS - FITS 95-99 CR125, 95-99 CR250, 95-01 CR500 It should fit my bike but the axle is too big to fit through the swingarm. It is more like a 25 mm not a 20mm like it should be any ideas?
  2. hardcore_rm

    Rear wheel for 98 CR125

    I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but I cannot see the "where used ?" Button? I can get an 02 rear rim + axle etc. Will this be a straight fit ? or is it a different size? I have read they went to a 24mm rear axle in 03 so does this mean it will fit mine? Thanks.
  3. hardcore_rm

    Rear wheel for 98 CR125

    Hi Guys, I have a 98 Cr125 and i am trying to find a rear wheel to fit. After searching I have found conflicting posts about what years are interchangeable. Can someone tell me what years would fit? Also once I find a rim how do i tell the year it is from? is there a stamping? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. hardcore_rm

    white bros aluminium pro tyre rubbing

    only have a 100 on it which is why i was wondering if it is normal, is it easy to notice if subframe is tweaked cos it all looks fine to me
  5. hardcore_rm

    white bros aluminium pro tyre rubbing

    i have an 04 rmz with a white bros alumium pro, ever since i have had it i get black tyre marks on the inside where the tyre rubs once i land from a jump. does anyone else have this same problem?
  6. hardcore_rm


    helicoil kits pretty easy, just get the right size
  7. hardcore_rm

    finding top dead centre

    when i found top dead centre to check the valve clearances but when i lined the markings on the cams with the top like the manual says. the little mark u have to look at when u turn the crank is not quite in the middle. should i go by the cam marks or by this mark?
  8. hardcore_rm

    Rung camshaft cover bolt

    ive got same problem looking for an answer also?
  9. i was tightening my cam cover bolt to 84lb and was going slow taking them up in order slowly to 50 then 60 -70-80 but as i got one to 60 it snapped off in the head. anyone else had this problem? i took them out and u can see where they have been stressed and the others look like they are about to snap also. i am going to go buy new ones if they aren't too expensive. anyone else ever had this problem or know how to extract the snapped off bolt? are easy outs the best way?
  10. hardcore_rm

    white brothers exhaust with stock header?

    im from australia so i'll need it posted over here, postage costs might be a pain, i'll look around see if there is any way to modify stock header and get back to you
  11. hardcore_rm

    white brothers exhaust with stock header?

    i only need the header though, will u sell it seperate?
  12. hardcore_rm

    wtd, white brothers header

    got aluminuim race pro and now need a header for it, anyone got one that will fit?
  13. bought a white brothers aluminum pro off ebay, only the silencer not the full system having problems getting it to line up with my stock header. anyone else had this problem?
  14. hardcore_rm

    Anybody looking for a WB pipe?

    Do u need the headers to fit them on ur bike or can u use the stock head pipe? cos i jut bought the silencer only off ebay the other day
  15. hardcore_rm

    need help shimming valves

    measured my vavle clearances today inlet was.6mm and exhaust was .8mm anyone tell me what size shims i will need? cheers