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  1. I run with a 51 tooth rear sprocket on my 505 sx and I also valved my suspension and installed a set of air tanks. It's a sweet setup for sure
  2. I use mcquire's magnesium and aluninum polish with 00 grade steel wool. Then clean the cyclinder in varsol, wipe it down and blow it clean with compressed air. Put a coating of engine oil in the cyclinder and the piston, especially in the ring groove.
  3. Yamaha

    I'm looking for the larger shop repair manual.
  4. Yamaha

    Looking for a service manual for the 2009 700 grizz. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  5. The timing marks are 180 degrees out mof line. The cam marks have to be facing twards the outside of the engine. PM me and I'll help with a manual. Bill
  6. If you are considering an after market exhaust system for a 505 sx-f, you must be a pro rider or have too much money and time on your hands. My 505 has waaaaayy too much power in mostly stock form
  7. I mostly moto my 505 sx-f but do trail ride as well. I run a 51 tooth rear and find it's the ticket. 50 tooth was a little sluggish in the corners and 52 tooth was too much and slower top end. I also have the jd kit but I run the needle on the 4th from the top and not the 5th as advised by the kit. I find it has better cold starting caracteristics. I also run the power bowl ay the #20 jet setting which I find best. I also installed an RG3 upper triple clamp from an 05 with a shim to fit the the centre stock and a set of pro taper, doug henry bend which I find don't give me the arm and hand pump like the stock bars do. I intend to get the ohlins ttx cartridge for the forks and shock as I find it rather harsh in the front. Overall, very satisfied with the 505. I think it's the best bike I've ever owned, and I've owned alot of them being 50 years young and started racing in 1965. I know, ur only as old as u feel !!!!!
  8. I just put a set of AIR CELL cartrages on my 505 sx-f. They seem to help alot although I haven't ridden the track yet. Maybe this weekend if the weather co-operates!!!!
  9. I just put a set of AIR CELL cartrages on my 505 sx-f. They seem to help alot although I haven't ridden the track yet. Maybe this weekend if the weather co-operates!!!!
  10. I drilled a hole in the bolt and lock wired it to the sub frame. It still has a tendancy to loosen up but won't fall out.
  11. I also forgot to mention..... I let my son ride it who is 20 years old and quite an accomplished pro rider. After the ride he said he loved the bike but would refuse to race it as he told his mother and I quote " it has stupid power. The old man is going to kill him self " I call him a *****!!!!!!!!!
  12. You won't be disapointed. I have a 08 505 and just love it. I run a 51 tooth rear sprocket and hole shot almost every moto. I run and still have lots of speed in 4th. I've only just tried to re-shim the suspension but I think I will try the olins set up for sure. The front is harsh and the stock bars induce arm pump. I'm now running pro taper henry bend bars and there fine but to low. I've installed an RG3 triple clamp upper from an 06 with a shim and it works just fine. I've also put a jdjetting and power bowl fit in. 40 hours so far, valves perfect and definetly a rocket on 2 wheels. Go for it!!!
  13. I also installed the dirt tricks cam tensioner and JD jet kit
  14. My 08 505 sx-f has 40 hours on it. I checked the valves at 10 hrs and again at 35 hrs. No movement at all.
  15. I've heard you can get a 9 amp battery but I don't know if thats true or even where to get one. I would like a bigger amperage battery for my sxf