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  1. Hi all, Trying to figure out if the bigger XC tank will fit without any issues onto my 2007 525 EXC which has the super small stock (2.2 gal?) tank on it? The OEM XC tank is $400 so I want to make sure it fits the exc before ordering. Thx!
  2. Guys, if you simply try and mount the bars without bending them...yes, you can get enough thread engaged and then simply crank the thing down by tightening the bolts. But, you have a HUGE stress induced at the bolt that inserts at the handle bar end b/c of the fact that the bar is not aligned properly. Plus, the bar will not sit flush up against the end of the handle bar. No, it is not a problem to heat the bend to bend it more.
  3. I had the same problem. My buddy and I used a torch (mapthane gas?) to heat the guards at the bend. We would apply heat for say a minute or so, then put a crescent wrench on the end that connects to the end of the handle bar and place the other end (end that connects to fork mounts) on the ground and put our weight on it. It took a little time, but we incrementally bent the guard so that the fork mount end was flush with the mount while the bar end was aligned at the handle bar. Fit perfect now. Make sure to take the time to fully bend the guard to the correct orientation b/c otherwise, the expansion bolt/sleeve that goes in the end of the handle bar will be under stress and eventually could fracture.
  4. jhewes

    sidi boot question

    SIDI Vortex boots...used for both dirt and off-road (mostly). Unbelievable fit and great support and protection. Next pair I buy will definitely be SIDI again. My only negative comment is that they are not waterproof and have notieced a little wetness after 3-4 stream crossings (not submerged) in a row.
  5. jhewes

    E-intake cam & decompress lever

    Much thanks Noble for the reply - sorry for my ignorance RE: the decompression lever on intake vs exhaust....I'm learning slowly
  6. I'm looking to install an E intake cam on my '04S. I've found that Ronayers.com sells a new E cam for around $120. But, I'm trying to decide which is the correct part number. The S intake cam is listed as PN 12710-29F10. The cam parts page for the E has the above PN listed as well as 12710-29F00. Initially I assumed that the second PN is the one I want - the one for non-CA bike, but I notice in the parts diagram that there is a decompression lever shown along with the cams. This lever is NOT shown in the parts figure for the S cams. So, does anyone know what gives? Does the E intake cam which the figure leads to believe has manual decompress work in the S which has auto-decompress? Any better ideas on where to buy an OEM E intake cam (that is for a non-CA bike)?
  7. jhewes

    sparkplug color too Rich? too lean?

    Which needle did you install - red or blue? I installed the JD kit with the following: 150 main blue needle on 3rd position (cool temps around here this time of year) 25 pilot I did the 3x3 and I've got a ProCircuit T4 slip-on. I ride at 5000ft, and the above is spot on in terms of throttle/bike response. Have not yet however looked at the plug since the install
  8. jhewes

    what jetting kit do you like?

    There are two kits with the same letters - only swapped! Most here seem to have the DJ (Dynojet Kit). There is also a JD (james Dean Kit). I installed the James Dean last weekend and did about 40 miles offroad today and cannot recommend the kit enough. Great instructions and the James Dean Kit comes with everything you need, while the Dynojet kit requires that you purchase additional jets (the 25 pilot I believe).
  9. jhewes

    James Dean Rejet and 3x3

    AS stated by others, you can do it w/o taking off the carb...but if you plan on checking the float level (13mm) which seems to be recommended, good luck doing so w/o the carb off. BTW, I checked mine and from factory was spot on at 13mm.
  10. jhewes

    James Dean Rejet and 3x3

    All told it took me about 3 hours...but I really went slow and took my time. The hardest part is getting the carb out and back in. I went ahead and losened the subframe (take out the single bolt where it connects to the frame) and this allowed a little more room btwn the air intake boot and the engine intake. Also, when you go to pull the fastener that holds the needle inplace, be careful as there is a small spring underneath that I just about lost when the fastener came loose!
  11. jhewes

    James Dean Rejet and 3x3

    Just a post to encourage all those contemplating the switch from stock jetting to DJ or JD jet-kit with 3x3: DO IT! Installed the James Dean kit on my '04 CA S yesteraday and had a chance to ride it today...WOW! What an improvement - all across the range. I've got a Pro Circuit T4 slip-on, and everything else is stock but for the jetting/3x3. I followed the directions per the JD kit and did not have to make a single tweak - perfect on the first shot. Data for those planning on the install: 150 main 25 pilot 2.5 turns on the fuel screw blue needle on 3rd position (colder temps needle) I'm in Flagstaff, Arizona at 7000ft. Can't imagine what the FCR39 carb is like if re-jetting the Mikuni gives such a big change!
  12. jhewes

    E intake and exhaust cams on an 04 S?

    Thanks all for the replies. Sounds like I should install the E base gasket when changing from S to E cams. One other question...what's with the decompression - does the S has the auto decompress, and if so, when changing to the E cams will I lose that? Does the standard E bike then come with the manual decompression lever, and if so, would I need to install that on my S if changing to the E cams. Thanks for any info!
  13. Hi all: I've been tuned in to TT for awhile now but have not posted much (once?)...my question is this: I'd like to install the non-CA E cams on my '04 CA S model - do I need to change the base gasket to the E or can I keep the S gasket? Also, anything else in my S valvetrain that should be replaced with E parts? Thanks in advance for any advice! '04 CA S model; Pro Circuit T-4 slip-on; stock jetting soon to be replaced w/JD kit and 3x3
  14. jhewes


    Are you refering to the 3x3 with jetting mods to the stock CV carb or 3x3 with FCR? I've been holding off doing the 3x3 with rejet b/c I thought I might end up eventually doing the FCR, but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and do the 3x3 with the rejet...