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  1. Plushpuppy

    Off Camber Skinny

    no, dont' fly, but have pilots in the fam. my BIL did say that riding a dirt bike is the closest thing he's come to "on the ground" to flying.
  2. Plushpuppy

    Off Camber Skinny

    Hi Maureen, how did it go? Good video! basically it said stand up, dont' dab, weight outside peg/tip bike a tad to the outside for max tread contact with slope, smooth throttle as far as the off camberness of the example, I see him riding a tire width lip ledge until just about 2/3 through(the part in the first normal people example where he gooses it and the rear wheel steps out, there's the off camber part--getting that turn up the hill after coming off that lip. he mentions in the bad example(ha "normal people"), too much front brake too soon--what does this do? I understand "too much"--that whole thing is about being smooth--so too soon, that means you interupt the swoop in the front and the back has got to go somewhere(meanwhile a little whiskey throttle goin on and exagerrates the back wheel stepping out?) this would be YAW in airplane terms, which then gets snafu'd into pitch (http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/rotations.html it's just useful for thinking about what the bike is doing, we are after all flying ha) blah blah blah ha did you get around the tree next time? that is tough in tight turns with stuf right up snug on the inside and no real room.
  3. Plushpuppy

    Standing and hard throttle.

    hi! the only thing I can think of adding as a simple way to say it is think of the bike pushing you instead of pulling you.
  4. Plushpuppy

    It's OVER !

    wanna go for a ride? ha!
  5. Plushpuppy

    I think I have a Dirt bike Mentor!

    Running up to slap you on the butt--NOW you do! :0*
  6. Plushpuppy

    Rider's Balance Point

    Dear 2-ply, you rock. Just wanna tell you I have had a hell of a year... I finally got to ride last weekend after riding only once in the last two years. It all came together--I got the hang of standing up and was flying up side ways in berms yaya. Have totally appreciated all your tutorials/advice. It's all magic-- I flew like a bird. Be blessed.
  7. Plushpuppy

    Control in the woods?

    I have a Yamalink on my WR(I am 5'4") I found the link lowered the center of gravity which did awesome things for handling, super flicky and responsive. Re the steering dampener I've found that working on my grip and forearm strength (while holding on loosely, nonono death grip!) gives some of the same effect. Read up on messing with the clickers for compression and rebound. ALso, when you have a lowering link on, suspension is adjusted a bit differently--you dont' just slap it on and go with what you had before.
  8. Plushpuppy

    Riding Technique

  9. Plushpuppy

    What is your favorite famale racer?

    Annie Seel
  10. Plushpuppy

    Riding Technique

    who loves rocks AND tight woods??? haha!
  11. Plushpuppy

    Riding Technique

    Hi Leadfoot! I FINALLY got to ride this last weekend after a year off. I was thinking about your question/dilemma of the bars being high, and mine are pretty much high like that too. But it doesn't seem to be a problem. I keep my elbows up, not so much by thinking "elbows up" but by contracting my delts and that gets them where it needs to be for that good arc thing. I twist the throttle in large twists by "grabbing more" and keeping my wrist flat hand through forearm and moving the whole arm, or make little throttle twists, very slight, by cocking my wrist(only about a half inch if that of range of motion)--and also keeping a couple fingers on the front brake lever too. I was mostly riding tight woods. I move around a lot on my seat, forward, back, half up, all the way up etc. Lots of lowhanging branches so not a lot of op to stand, so that is monkey riding ha. Weight on the pegs, not so much on the seat, even when seated. ALWAYS cover the clutch with a couple fingers--that way you accidently slip blip the throttle you disarm it with the clutch. Also, since my bars are in an awkward place in regards to my torso, I was always catching the bottom of my chest protector on them. I got a fox women's CP with the booby shaping which angles the bottom back towards the body and that helped with that issue. Just remember, an arc is a very strong structure, that's why elbows up. Lots of rocks this weekend for me, which means that arc is crucial to keeping the bars straight over the rocks and steering by shifting weight. Turning the bars to affect direction over rocks gaurantees a dump. HTH
  12. Plushpuppy

    The only girl in the pack :D

    I am happy to ride with anyone who will let me. I love watching Debi pop her wheelies An awesome day is when the guys forget I'm a girl
  13. Plushpuppy

    Gonna take a break...

  14. Plushpuppy


    wow Deb, sounds like you got a real good doc if he's working to get you back on the bike in 8 weeks!
  15. Plushpuppy

    Riding Technique

    For ref I'm just under 5'5" Now something I notice about the guys' pix and Debi's pix, and a little bit in mine is that the back is either flat or a bit rounded--this is because the abs are engaged(yet supple, not rock hard stiff) to make a solid core. A strong core helps you not have the death grip. Having those elbows up makes a strong arch to GENTLY simply keep those bars straight(or keep them steady when they get whacked sideways by a rock)--you turn by leaning. ALso elbows up you are in the right position to do that high outside elbow, straight inside elbow in the turn, like in my last pic(and Debi does so well too). Anyways, hope that helps. it's hard to get your arms/elbows up right if your body isn't in the sweet spot to begin with. If you do delt raises your elbows will just fly right up there auto and a lot less fatigue. DOesn't take much to see a diff. and yes, default is flat wrists, not cocked--that breaks the strong line of structural strength when you need it. And I needed it so bad once I broke my arm--but I saved my neck:D