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    other plastics for ttr125

    I bought a TTR125LE for my oldest. She is 15 years old. The bike is in good condition except the rear fender. It has been torn off to the seat. No the bike looks like a dog with a tail. Very sad looking. So I am looking for a new rear fender. My question is: Is there any bike plastics that will fit a 2004 TTR125? Possibly YZ or larger TTR's? Thanks for all that replied. Henry: 01 DRZ400 and 04 TTR125LE
  2. I got my Drz400s. Now my girls want a bike to ride with me. What do you guys/gals think I should get for my kids? The oldest is 15 and about 125lb. I am open to all options. The bike does not have to be a suzuki. Thanks to all that reply. formosahenry
  3. formosahenry

    2001 DRZ-400S suspension question

    regarding RM Forks, Do I have to change any internal components such as springs because the DRZ400 is heavier than the RM250?
  4. formosahenry

    2001 DRZ-400S suspension question

    Is there a RM rear shock that I can use on the DRZ400S?
  5. formosahenry

    click here if you live in VANCOUVER

    check out this site: http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/ This site is dedicated to all the dual sporters in BC. You will find locations of trails and other dual sporters.
  6. formosahenry

    Display cracks normal?

    I have a cover that came from a wreck bike. If you want it, email me your address and I will send it for the cost of postage. Henry
  7. formosahenry

    2001 DRZ-400S suspension question

    Hi there, I have a 2001 DRZ400S. I know the front forks are not as good as the 02 and older DRZ's. So I am in the process of getting either E forks or '02 and newer S forks. Now for the rear spring and shock, what is the difference between my 01 S and the 02 and newer S and E? Is the difference in just the springs or are the shocks different also? I weight about 185lb and will be about 175lb by spring time. Goto get trim for the ride. Thanks to all the reply.
  8. formosahenry

    dynojet kit for a newby

    I am interested in installing the Dynojet kit on my 04 DRZ400S. I was told by a shop that if I make a mistake, it will cost me a new carburator. Did anyone out there install the kit themselves or did you just take it to the shop and have them installed it for you? Is it easy for a do-it-yourselfer? How can you screw up the carb? How long does it take? How much tuning do you have to do? Any success stories and horror story out there? Are there any step-by-step with pictures instructions that are posted? Would you recommend someone who is handy with the tool to install the kit? Also, I am using the stock exhaust for now. So what if any special setting should I be aware of? If I change the exhaust to a Yosh or Muzzy, what should be the jet setting or these mufflers? This is a lot of questions. Thanks to all that reply. Especially Burned.