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  1. rotomoto

    black smoke and flames from exhaust???

    Make sure you got the cams timed right. If one of them is a tooth off, it could still run, but could cause the problems you are having.
  2. rotomoto

    06 price in California

    If you can get one for around 6g's total, OTD, You are doing pretty well.
  3. rotomoto

    New Bike Purchasing w/ Suzuki Card

    I didn't say it was cheap, I just said it could be done. Best thing to do would be to cancel suz card and get a kaw card. But here's the kicker. All of Kaw's promotional rate programs ended on 10/31, and as of today, they haven't come out with anything special to entice buyers to go green. So, a Kaw card won't be any better unless they come out with a new program soon.
  4. rotomoto

    New Bike Purchasing w/ Suzuki Card

    Yes you can. I'm the F and I mgr at at dealer. You won't get any special rates buying a kaw on a suz card, but you can do it. Std rate is 18.9%, me thinks. Payment factor is 2.5% of the card balance.
  5. rotomoto

    how much for 06 KX250F

    Uh, not. I'm a finance manager at a kaw dealer and our cost is a few bux away from 5150. Tell me where I can get them for much much less and I'll go get a bunch of 'em to resell. To hell with the factory. I'd love to know where you can get them for much less.