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  1. paulzarr

    Kawasaki KLX650 (1996)


    Good, solid dual sport, far more offroad worthy than a KLX650.
  2. paulzarr

    Kawasaki KLX650 1996

    Good, solid dual sport, far more offroad worthy than a KLX650.
  3. paulzarr

    Overheated, and now has No Compression :(

    You'll never do that again! Know a good mechanic?
  4. paulzarr

    Free Yamaha Manuals On .PDF

    Clark, YOU ARE A HERO!
  5. paulzarr

    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    My mountain bike is a WR450FV, and I want to ride with Clark!
  6. paulzarr

    Ride Pics

    Thanks fpr the pics TARFELE! The next time I go to Texas I'm taking the WR with me!
  7. paulzarr

    Yamaha madness 2B {single track Hcam vid}

    Lots of exciting riding in the Great White North, eh! Are those trees a challenge or what! Fun videos. Thanks for sharing!
  8. paulzarr


    "Can we get along here? Can we all get along?"
  9. paulzarr

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    We're headed down the same road with our '06 WR450FV's. I've had mine for seven weeks and I'm really happy I picked the WR! After spending all that $$$$ for the brand new bike I can't really blow thousands more just to have the fastest/coolest bike in camp. The titanium pipes, carbon fiber accessories and silly sticker kits aren't important to me. Out on the course, or trail, is where it matters. However, having owned and raced a YZ490, CR500, and 540DXC I have a good idea what I want from my WR450. For what it's worth this is where I started, and what I've done so far: Bought and installed the AIS removal kit (GYT-5TJ93-69-00). Yamaha should GIVE this to ALL '05 and '06 WR buyers! It includes all the plugs you need plus a YZ throttle stop, an adjustible needle and clip, a 48 pilot jet, and detailed installation instructions. Right now this the BEST $40.00 you can spend on your WR. Also in the instructions are the airbox snorkel removal, gray wire disconnect, and exhaust restrictor mod. I bought the $60.00 Pro Moto Billet insert (05YWRINS) for the stock silencer, which they claim gives us 6.3 additional HP while staying under 96DB! I'm keeping the stock insert in my tool box in case an unfriendly BLM ranger fails me on the sound test, which can ruin a weekend. While at my Yamaha dealer I also got a few main jets (168, 170, 172), a 40 leak jet, and an MSR fuel mixture screw. I'm still tweaking (my jetting MY JETTING) the carb, but now I can go fast enough to determine what exactly I need to do with the suspension. Stiffer springs to start! INDY's now famous WR jetting guide (in this forum)is so accurate he could only help you more by installing the jets himself. When I'm done purchasing and installing my handlebars & hand guards, skid plate, big gas tank, and tall seat I'll enjoy years of serious screaming through the California desert! Finally read this forum regularly! Many friendly, helpful riders post useful information here all the time. Info that saves us considerable time, money, and mistakes! pz
  10. paulzarr

    450 Air box mod

    Your 03 WR450 airbox should be exactly like my 06 WR450 airbox. The following is from the Yamaha AIS Removal Kit installation instructions: "Remove the intake silencer. This will allow unrestricted air intake. • Remove the battery. • There are 2 pop-rivets used to hold the battery strap bracket that block the intake silencer from slipping out. Gently pry the battery box back until intake silencer can be removed. Note: Use caution when doing this as you can break the battery box by using too much force." It slides right out if you insert a medium screwdriver between the snorkel and the strap bracket. Just use your thumb and index finger to pull the snorkel up and out once the two rivets are no longer in the way. Take your bike for a spin and then decide if you want to do the airbox cut-outs also. pz