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  1. funkyrocketeer

    Chainsaw oil for your Chain?

    don't know where you get your chain and bar oil, but over here in Oz good bar oil is like treacle(shockin stuff to get on your pants when oil cap on saw vibrates off!). But i have used old engine oil from my bike as bar oil , chains still last just the same.
  2. funkyrocketeer

    When to replace knobbies?

    slicks in the mud yee-haa. nothing better i say really learn to balance!
  3. funkyrocketeer


    Thanks for the info Ian. Bloody good site ,although i've only been a member a short while I miss it dearly LOL. Hope it's back soon. Cheers Ben.
  4. funkyrocketeer


    Hey any Aussies out there know what happened to DBW. It seems to have disappeared into cyberspace altogether.
  5. funkyrocketeer

    G'day from down-under

    G'day Ben from another Aussie Ben in n/e vic.
  6. funkyrocketeer

    how you guys clean your oil filter

    was going to say the same thing myself. why spend extra cash on carb or brake cleaner when fuel cleans them just fine. i have also cleaned paper ones but only in an emergency. and don't recomend it at all.
  7. Here Here i totally agree it's great knowing you can ride your dirt bike any where you bloody-well like. cheers Ben
  8. funkyrocketeer

    88 tt 250

    all is well now. new stem seal and new rings. no smoke now. thanks
  9. funkyrocketeer

    88 tt 250

    Hi all, Newish here. Just bought a 88 tt250. After a little advice. Valve guides are leaking. Is it possible to replace these in situ, or does the head have to come off. If so should i replace the rings as well. Also what would be the best sprocket combo for road and trail. I currently have 15/52 which seem great in the bush but i'm flat out getting 100kph out of it on the black stuff. Can a 16t fit on the front? Then i could just swap the front over if i was to do a bit more on the road. Thanks in advance. Ben.(Aust.)
  10. funkyrocketeer

    Disc armor?

    pee is also warmer and may not crak any thing!!!!
  11. funkyrocketeer

    Need XR500 Help/"Dork of the Month" Candidate...

    doh !! good luck. once had the lock nut come off a valve adjuster once , rattled around for a while till i found where the noise was coming from. hooked it out wih a bent piece of wire. probably why head is now getting camlobes rebuilt. ?? Ben.
  12. funkyrocketeer

    Question about plugs, burned? help plz

    yes the "R" in the no. means a resitor type which as far as i know means it doesn't produce electrical interferance. the "8" is the heat range the higher the no. the cooler the plug the lower the no. the hotter the plug is. cheers Ben.
  13. funkyrocketeer

    troublesome street bike

    found the problem, burnt out exhaust valve . sent head of to get worked on. thank for the advice. Ben.
  14. funkyrocketeer

    troublesome street bike

    thanks all a manual is on its way so i'll have another look then. it's driving me crazy. cheers Ben
  15. funkyrocketeer

    Anybody recognize this speedo?

    90watts is this a standard headlight or some after market job. i'm interested. cheers Ben(aust)