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  1. I've looked att Carrillo to, do the rods come with crank pin, bearing and washers or do I by OEM of those. I've looked att the OEM parts diagram and there seems to be no washers.
  2. So you guys think I'm a bit cautious. I wouldn't thought of changing the crank for at least 75 hours more if ther wasn't for that strange sound and all that has been written about the stock crankshaft. I'm not so thrilled about aftermarket engine parts either but to put in a OEM that has had problems doesn't feel right. What kind of problems have you heard about on Hot Rods for example.
  3. Hi guys, How many hours do you ride before you do a bottom end rebuild (crankshaft bearings and oil seals, connecting rod, crank pin, big end bearing)? Is there more that I should do at the same time? The reason I ask is that I recently changed piston and did a top end rebuild and after about 8 hours (the bike has a total of 75 hours) I though I heared a strange sound when I shut of the throttle without load. I have two 2011 kx250f and I compared the sound on the two bikes and the other bke that has 50 hours on it didn't sound like the other. I've read about TT'ers withe expensive rebuilds withe less hours than mine. I ride mx (C class) and change air filter after every ride, change oil every 5 hours and oilfilter every 10 hours. If its' time for a bottom end rebuild do I go with an OEM crank or a Hot Rods?
  4. Checked everything again and everything was good, finaly I took the top off and I found that one of the intake valves was stuck. Hope that after changing the valves everthing will be fine.
  5. Thanks for your advice. I had the exact problem that you descibed when i changed the piston and I had to take the cover of to find the mark but I am sure it's i the right position. I have ridden the bike för over an hour with the new piston and withe the same problems as before but the next time it went to the track it was impossible to start. Any other ideas please.
  6. Okay, so I went to the track the other day and the bike didn't start att all. Called the dealer and ordered a new TPS, installed and adjusted it by the book and the bike didn't start this time either. Please give me som advise where to start looking.
  7. Why do you think the TPS is bad? I´ve tried to disconnect it and the problem is the same. I´ve measured it and it is right on spec. Last time when the TPS was bad the bike didn't start and if i bumpstarted it, it was running very bad but when i disconected the TPS it started and was running fine on low rpm but bad when twisting the throttle. I was thinking it could be one of the other sensor but i don´t know where to start. I have antoher 2011 kx250f and it is a lot more snappier on low rpms.
  8. Need help with ideas where to start. The bike dies when idleling and sometimes in slow corners. It's a little bit hard to start warm and cold and you have to give a little throttle to start. It's has a new piston, new spark plug, valvs in spec, no air leaks and the TPS is in spec. The problem started before the piston change. Any ideas? //JT
  9. So is there anybody out there using EFI/ECU and GPS logging equipment? I've been looking att GET MD60 Log (http://www.getdata.it/prodotti.php?idcategoria=32&idprodotto=35〈=eng) and GET ECU GP1 EVO (http://www.getdata.it/prodotti.php?idcategoria=32&idprodotto=25〈=eng) but it's so expensive. I've tried Harrys Laptimer with Iphone 4 and it's great. But I want someting that is shock and water resistant and it would be cool to link the info from the EFI/ECU like rpm, temp, gear selection.
  10. Got the TPS and installed it, works like a charm. Got the TPS and the right values to adjust it to from my dealer for free. Idle output voltage 0,58-0,62 V and input voltage 5 V.
  11. Okay, so I've checked the valve clearance, the spark plug and every connection and everything is in order. Unplugged the TPS and the engine started on the second kick and ran clean. Connected the TPS and the engine stopped. My best guess is that the TPS is the problem as you guys thought. Measured the resistance between pin 1 and 3 to 1,1 k ohm on idle and then twisted the throttle with no difference in resistance. Tested the same thing on my other 2011 kx250f and the resistance was 1.4 k ohm on idle and with full throttle 4 k ohm. Went to the dealer and ordered a new TPS (210$). The dealer thought that Kawasaki will replace it for free. The problem will be to adjust the new TPS without a service manual. Asked the dealer how much the manual was (200$) and decided not to buy one. As I remember from erlier non EFI bikes I've had there is a formula in the service manual so you can measure the voltage and then calculate the proper resistance. I know that if you rotate the TPS counter clockwise or you increase the idle speed the resistance increases. Is ther anyone with a service manual that can post a scan on the TPS page or the formula the right numbers an the colour of the cords it would be greatly appriciated. If anyone knows a website that sells a downloadable pdf service manual that would be appriciated to.
  12. I've noticed that it's easier to start whitout choke when the temperatur is above 20 degrees C. Yesterday the temperatur was 27 degrees C.
  13. Thanks guys for your input, I suspected the TPS. Is there a way to test it? You cant see any damage and the bike ran great last time. On a carbed bike I remember that you could measure the resistans in the TPS, is it possible to disconnect It and try to start the bike to see how it reacts.
  14. Went to the track today and started the bike up without choke. Didn't wait for it to warm up. I cruise slowly about 50 m to get out on the track but the bike seamed to get to much fuel so I stopped. I couldn't keep the bike running. Tried to start it again but no luck. Bump started it but it didn't run clean. Tried to kick start it and the only way to get it started was to twist the throttle, couldn't get the bike to run clean and snappy. Where do I start searching? TPS, connections, spark plug, valves...... Last time I rode it it was running fine, the only thing I did was to refuel, change airfilter, wasch it and made adjustments to the throttle cabels. The bike has 20 hours on it.
  15. Now I'm satisfied. The bike started cold on the third kick today and almost everytime on the first kick when hot. It's a little bit harder in gear but still okay. I have 4 hours on it now and the bike is the best kawi ever. Till now I've had a kx250 two stroke, a 2007 kx250f, a 2008 kx450f and now finaly 2011 kx250f. The bike is fast and respond to the throttle immediatly, it turns som good and the grip is fantastic. The front suspension is on the softer side with the clickers in stock position.