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  1. dangermouse650

    The Suzuki DR650SM HSC Edition !!!

    I did think about going with white rims, you just confirmed it, i should have done it. Nice job
  2. dangermouse650

    96 dr650 power loss

    Did you put the sporty can back on & try it?
  3. dangermouse650

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I gave my bike it's maiden voyage today so to speak, was invited on a poker run so tested the new carby. Questions have been raised about mileage, well since mine is a supermoto, my readings are out, i think someone said it was 17%. So i left home with a full tank of fuel, i hit reserve at 165kms, & when i got home i was on 197kms. I dont know how much fuel is left in the tank, i have to wait till Monday to go down the servo. Overall, no problems with it, i love how i can wheelie away from corners & stops from 1st & 2nd gears, with a tug on the bars i even got the front off in 3rd gear. I'm running 14/41 gearing, was easily able to pull strong all the way to 130kph. This speed was indicated by my brother on his bike, it still had a little more available. I do get a bit of a gurgle happening when i'm cruising through towns, sitting between 50 to 70kph, but otherwise the rest of the rev range is excellent, cruising on 100 to 120kph is easy. If my calculations are thats somewhere around 160kms on the tank of fuel, stock tank as well. Hope that info is useful to some. If you love wheelies then you really have to get this carb. My brother had a go & he was impressed as well.
  4. dangermouse650

    Aussie DR650 questions

    Welcome markh5000, I installed a staintune system, 15weight oil in the front forks, & heavy duty spring on the rear. I also did the dynojet thing but wasnt impressed, have just installed MX-Rob's fcr39mm & i'm sure its gonna be a blast. I have mine setup as a motard.
  5. dangermouse650

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    I looked at & read the instructions, some of it sounded confusing to start with but when i got my hands dirty it all made sense. Thanks again Rob:worthy: I havent finished getting it all back together as yet, i have started it, the bike even sounds different, was surprised that it started straight away, was sure i'd forget something:eek: All is good, love the whistle, give you the report when i get some daylight. Dave
  6. dangermouse650

    The dr at Calder park

    We had a practice day out at Calder Park on Monday the 15th. This track is still under construction, the vsmr guys & a few others were there to help sort it out. As usual i was on the slowest bike, the only guy i was close to keeping up with was on a husky 610. The track layout though not final, involves partial use of the thunderdome, the pitlane & the dirt section in between. Bit of flat out section on the dome, zig zag through the openings in the concrete barricades along pit lane, a jump over the wall, back onto a fast bit then turn in to the dirt section with another jump thrown in. Was a decent days outing, i didn't fall off so all is good hey. So i thought.... Well, i did learn that the dr doesn't like to fly & i dont like the dirt section with highway gearing:naughty: After doing Calder i had a suspicion that the old girl wasn't quite right. Didnt seem to be leaning over on the stand enough. Upon close inspection today, the spring was sitting loose in the shock. The locking collars were still tight. Pulled it all out, the spring is bent, this was supposed to be a heavy duty spring, whats so heavy duty if it can bloody bend. I know the dr is heavy & i held back on the jumps at calder, biggest air would have been like 2 feet maybe . Not too happy about it, i'm sure it should have done better.
  7. dangermouse650

    Lets see your DR's

    Just thought i'd add a couple of pics with the frameguards on. Yes they are still available here:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-Suzuki-DR650-Frameguards-Covers-Protectors_W0QQitemZ300151682340QQihZ020QQcategoryZ118140QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem
  8. dangermouse650

    New Staintune coming in this Friday!

    I play it loud as i do quite a few track days. I have the bike jetted without the baffle, on a recent outing (onroad) i reinstalled the baffle only to have the header pipe glowing red, so i took it off again. Yeah, personal preference, still no where near as loud as a harley.
  9. dangermouse650

    Help: Crank, snap, backfire, won't start

    Check that the adjustment screw on the bottom of the carby hasn't fallen out, mine did & had the same result, wind over backfire but not start
  10. dangermouse650

    DR650 Accessories

    Frame guards anyone? They also have bashplates. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-Suzuki-DR650-Frameguards-Covers-Protectors_W0QQitemZ300151682340QQihZ020QQcategoryZ118140QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem
  11. dangermouse650

    need more info on lacing rear wheel to front hub!

    Bing had his done by the pros, yes the rim was re drilled to match, it can be done, just not by a novice.
  12. dangermouse650

    Europe get all the cool stuff.

    So how do they get 53hp out of the motor, surely it's not as simple as just changing the carby:excuseme:
  13. dangermouse650

    dyno jet kit update..

    I started off with a de-snorkelled box & a 145 main, rather than waiting to get more jets to play with i went & played with my drills this morning, took the smallest one i had & drilled one of the spare jets then put it in, if there is any difference at all it would be at the top end. I was hoping for a bit better off the mark but it seems to be about the same. Bit dissapointing for me, but i guess i'm trying to hard on the wrong sort of bike. On the go kart track that we practice at, i can not stay with the yz's, ktm's & drz's. I was just hoping for that little bit extra. Time for me to save my pennies & get a wr,yz or rm.
  14. dangermouse650

    dyno jet kit update..

    Finally received the dynojet kit & k&n filter. Already had the airbox cut & waiting, installed everything as per instructions & as written by you guys. My kit didn't have a 170????. It had the 150, 155 & 160, i put the 160 in of course, as you know i'm running the full staintune without the baffle, took it for a ride expecting big gains. Wow, what a dissapointment it doesnt feel any different. Guess i was expecting too much. So i might go looking for a bigger jet, or break out the drill set, the gains i was expecting just didn't happen. yet all the posts i read here are pretty much positive.
  15. dangermouse650

    EBC supermoto 320mm front rotor on the way

    Guy at the bike shop told me to try sintered pads, suppose to make a huge difference according to him, will find out when he gets them in stock.