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    Valve Recall Dealer Mechanic Nightmare

    I assume that the rules are somewhat differant in the US over re-calls as when my yzf required its valve recall I had the dealer (in belgium) send me the re-call kit which included a full top end gasket kit, three inlet valves and three inlet valve seals. I fitted the valves myself and whilst the head was off and stripped, had it polished and ported then sent the dealer the old valves back.
  2. YZF25006

    big bore

    I have a YZF250 06 and instead of getting an 07 am thinking of keeping it and fitting a big bore kit, Id like more power for jumps out of tight turns, tryed a 450 but found it heavy and hard work after a while of riding it. So what I need to now is what are the best make of kits and are there any other mods that require doing in order to release the kits full potental. Also whats the reliability like with one of these kits?? Many thanks Darren