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  1. Does anyone make an after market rear brake arm for an 06 450. Hammer head doesn't list one and sunline lists one but my dealer said he can't get one.
  2. I put a set of moose racing stainless steel pegs on. They are 1/2 inch offset back, but they also feel like they are lower. I love them, more room for your feet and easier to shift. My stock peg broke off when i over jumped a double and flat landed .
  3. That valve goes through a bigger temp change then any other valve. It is the closest to the carb, so every time you crack open the throttle it gets a blast of cool gas/air. This means it is allways expanding and contracting. The exhaust valves gets hot and stays hot. That is what i was told .
  4. I had a zip-ty fuel screw. The threds didn't seem to be a perfect match, it was hard to turn. I tossed it in to the tool box and put the stock one back in. Then it fell out and i lost it.
  5. did your fuel scew fall out? this happened to me. It still ran fine at higher rpm's even with no fuel screw in it.
  6. try unplugging the kill switch,it may be faulty
  7. I have an 05 250f and was told that the piston in the 06 will fit and is a higher compresion . Is this true? What piston would you use? Stock 05 stock06 or wisco high compresion?
  8. I just broke my foot peg tonight. The peg snaped at the pivet point. The peg bracket looks fine. I would like to find some aftermarket ones, mabe wider ,but definetly stronger! On one lists any thing for 06's
  9. are there any aftermarket pegs for the 450
  10. I have the kitco 134cc kit and i run 93 octane with the performance cam and it works great.
  11. Did you put the oil filter in backwards? There is a thead sometime ago that said some owners manuals were printed wrong, and they told you to install backwards . This would stop all iol flow and sieze your motor.
  12. Thanks open class , thats just about as good ,so i still only need to keep two different filters around.
  13. can anyone tell me if the oil filter on an 05 kx250f is the same as an 06 kx450f. My daughter rides the 250 and i just bought the 450 . Sure would be nice if there the same.
  14. they are called cush- drive they make it smoother to start and stop less jerky. alot of street bikes have them
  15. does anyone have a web site for TRAILBIKE, i just bought a tb 134 kit and was wondering if i should mill the head to raise the compresion. or does the kit come with a high compresion piston?