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  1. Casting looks normal. Bluing is probably due to basic cruise around the lot. Don't sweat it. It will look much worse for wear after your first ride! Enjoy!
  2. gnorton

    450x transmission question! HELP!

    Thank you CRF DOC! I'll order it up, wish me luck. [emoji15]
  3. gnorton

    450x transmission question! HELP!

    I blew up 5th gear on my 2006 450x- CATASTROPHIC failure in the tranny... Almost every gear and shaft is destroyed. Sweet. So Im looking at my options. There is a 2009 450x tranny for sale on eBay for a good price and low hours. My question is this.... Will a 2009 450x tranny fit in my 2006 450x case? Anyone help!
  4. gnorton

    having problem with my 2003 crf 450

    Cam chain. Both my '02 and '03 450r had the same issue. New cam chain/cam gears/sliders will solve it.
  5. gnorton

    Front chain slider

    I bought one and ran it like twice... Chain slap was sooo noisy. Went back to stock.
  6. I have an 03 crf450 with a stock header, titanium 4 pipe and the fmf silent insert. will it get me below 96db?