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  1. kbar1

    Best Quiet Pipe for the kxf250

    I put on a Promoto Billet USFS spark arrestor with the quiet insert on my 05 and it is noticably quieter. No idea of the db level but my wife and son said it is noticable. So if the stock one is around 96 I've heard this must be at least a couple below that. Regards Steve
  2. FYI, those of you looking for the 05 KXF manual: The manual on the link includes the 04 KX250F (called N1). This was printed in Jan 04 so this is just for the 04 model. This manual was then updated in May 04 for the 05 model (N2) which is not on this link. There are some differences that are important to us 05 owners that I've seen so far so I'm keeping the 05 manual I just got in hard copy. Regards Steve
  3. Wow, thank you!!! Wish I'd seen that 3 days ago, I'd have $57 more in my wallet.. Regards Steve
  4. kbar1

    06 lighting coil

    Thanks Joe.. I don't have 2 yellows on mine. The one paired with the yellow is white to the other side of the coil. I'll ohm them out and check. Hopefully I'll have the manual any day now to help. Paul, If I order your 05 stator you are getting in next week, along with a bigger flywheel, do you think that would give me enough juice for at least enough to run a basic dual sport kit? Baja Designs told me I only need about 55watts to run their kit. Thanks and regards Steve
  5. kbar1

    06 lighting coil

    Joe, Thanks for the info on the wiring! Actually I was trained in electronics in another life so thought I probably had to put the light in parallel but didn't know enough about motorcycle wiring to dig too deep with it without a manual. The 35 watts won't be enough for me for a dual sport kit so I'm going to try a new stator and then a flywheel if necessary. Like the idea of a heavier flywheel for this bike for my kind of riding anyway. Will your bike idle ok if you stop with the light on? Or does it tend to stall more? Paul, Can you tell me why a new CDI would be needed for your kit? Can't handle the juice from the new stator/flywheel? Thanks guys for the info, much appreciated. Steve
  6. kbar1

    06 lighting coil

    I Opened up the cover and saw there is a lighting coil. Not sure which one it is but assumed the one with yellow and white wires attached. I tried cutting into the yellow wire as above on the 04 but my bike would not start. Guess I will need the new stator anyway for a dual sport kit and Repairmanual.com just got more 05 KXF manuals in so that should help clear things up for me. Joe, I attached a link to a pic of the stator on my bike. Is this what yours looked like do you remember? So you were able to remove the pin out of the connector (how in the world did you do this, special tool?) for the yellow wire and you bike ran without it connected? http://tinypic.com/ff4sup.jpg Thanks all for the info.. Steve
  7. kbar1

    06 lighting coil

    Joe, Do you know if it was the ignition wire you tapped into? If so. I'd be surprised the bike ran ok. Thought you needed a seperate lighting coil to run lights also. Both Baja and Electrosport told me my bike doesn't have one so I assumed it didn't. Now that you mention it, I'm going to open it up and check myself. Funny thing is I've read the 04 RMZ had a lighting coil but the KXF didn't. I thought they were the same bike? Totaly confused now so guess I'd better check for myself. Assumed Electrosport word was gospel, we'll see.. Thanks for the info.. Steve
  8. kbar1

    06 lighting coil

    I am not sure about the 06 but a good clue would be that the 05 definitely does not have a lighting coil. And from what Electrosport.com told me when I called, the stock fly wheel and stator do not have enough magnet power to get enough power out of an add-on coil. Now I want to hook a dual sport kit so that requires more power than just a headlight so your situation may be different. They said they had just completed testing on the 05 and it needs a bigger flywheel as well as a coil. I'm waiting for them to get the coil I need in (supposedly by middle Nov) and then I'll order a new flywheel from trailtech.com. Stock is 17oz, Trailtech said a 22oz would be enough and would help prevent stalling on low speed stuff, idling, and help with tracktable power on roll on. This is all welcome to me for the type of riding I do. No MX just enduro and hare type trails. Call these companies and they will help you out with info.. Good luck with it and let us know how you make out.. Steve
  9. kbar1

    Newbie to KX250F

    I'm having no issues with the bikes gearing yet myself in the tight bumpy stuff. Maybe I'm just going faster through it than I'm used to and not over thinking and hesitating? Probably so... But as you say, it just seems it's the bike as this bike handles so nimble and light to me, it is making up for the tight gearing in a big way.. Thanks for the Procycle link, wish I'd seen them before I spent $400 on a Baja dual sport kit, could have saved some dough as I have left over parts. I'll call them tonorrow to see what they have for KXF lighting coils. But like every where else I've called, they probably get them from Electrex also which is about a month out so I'm told.. Steve
  10. kbar1

    Newbie to KX250F

    Hi Joe, Thanks for the info. I saw another thread here that mentions dual sporting a 05 RMZ. But it mentions the RMZ has a lighting coil. I thought the 05 RMZ and KXF are the same bike? Maybe not completely? Electrosport says I need the fly wheel as the stock ones magnets are not strong enough to get enough charge for the lighting stator. The company he refered me to for the fly wheel (don't remember their name) said the bike would be better in the slow stuff and less prone to stall. Sounds like it makes sense. Recommended the 22 oz fly wheel. The stock is 17 oz. so will probably like the difference for my kind of riding. I was thinking about going up a tooth in the rear but wanted to see if anyone else tried this first. I don't think that would work for the MX wide gearing though. That fork mod you mentioned sounds good, going to give it a try.. Steve
  11. kbar1

    Newbie to KX250F

    Hi All, Just want to say thanks for the great info on the bike before I bought it. Only been off road riding again for 3 years since the 70's and early 80's. This is the third bike I've had since. Just bought an 05 2 weeks ago for local trail/ enduro type riding.I was very skeptical going with an MX'er but it works almost perfect for the kind of riding I generally do. In the few tight tight rocky trails of course the gearing is a crutch but rarely does it impact me. I went with an MX'er for the weight. I'm 48 years young and can't handle a bike anymore heavier than this moving it around. Traded a KLX/DRZ400E for this so weight was a big issue. So much more snap and power, I was amazed! Here is what I've done so far and if someone has turned theirs into a dual sport yet any info would be appreciated: - Put on a Promoto spark arrestor and silencer end cap. There was a noticeable difference in sound reduction. Not a lot but noticeable and welcome. Don't notice any power loss but again I don't race the bike so rarely rev it out. Installing was kind of a pain as removing the factory rivets on the stock end cap were tough to do neatly. Made a few marks on the canister but not bad. Lesson 101: don't try it with mediocre drill bits and rivet gun. - Put on the Promoto kick stand and like it. Seems strong enough. Just don't use it when kicking the bike. I wouldn't anyway but doesn't seem strong enough for that. Wish it came out farther when down but then again, it wouldn't be able to tuck in and up under the side panel which is really nice. A feature which makes it better than stock for rocky going. - Bought a Boyeson quick shot but haven't installed yet. Does it make a notable difference? - Bought a Baja dual sport kit so I can just drive to the trails but looks like I need a stator AND a new fly wheel. Was expecting a stator rewind but not a new one and the fly wheel so things are getting alittle more pricy than expected. But since I paid $4900 for it compared to the WR and CRFX, which I still would have had to buy the dual sport kit for, I'll still be way ahead of the cost anyway. And those 2 bikes felt a lot heavier to me and just didn't feel as good to me as the KXF. Anyone else dual sported their 05 KXF that can offer some info? Did you need a bigger fly wheel? I'm told it will also help the tractable roll on power. But I like it the way it is so wish I didn't have to change.. Anyway, thanks again for the great info.. Steve