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  1. My son has a ttr 90 and I have a YZ250f and I bought a 50 ttr for the both of us. We love the thing, elcectric start is sweet, it does run a little rough until it is fully warmed up, but flawless after that. I weigh around 200lbs and it pulls me around fine. I will be adding a big boy kit, pegs and all the goodies after a while, buy one!
  2. I have a lifted 04 tacoma, where did you get the rock sliders, I need em! Thanks Ron
  3. How much are the front kits do you paypal very sweet.
  4. You didn't fell like you were comprimising the trailer for the flip chocks, I like the fact that they fold down but then you have a big hole, descisions, descisions. thanks for response
  5. Just got an enclosed trailer and will be hauling 2 YZ 250f's, 1 90 ttr and and a 50, I am looking for wheel chocks to bolt on to the floor. I want them removeable becase we use the trailer for BMX racing and the wheel chocks will be in the way. I need the size of wheel chocks I need (4.5" 5.5" or 6.5"on ebay), and what type tube or plate? Also, are the exspensive heavier weighted d-rings worth it? Any pics on helping set this thing up wold be appreciated also. Ron