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  1. it is not bad for the bike, but if you are planning to race an AMA race it is illegal
  2. I have a 51 on the rear now but think the 50 would have been a better chose
  3. I am going thru the top-end of my 06 RMZ 450 I am putting in a new J&E 13.5-1 piston and cleaning up the head a little. I only run race gas in the bike & the EX valves have a herd crystal like residue on them that I can not get off. The valves are still in good shape and was hoping I could clean that off but have not hade any luck finding any thing that will cut it short of scraping it with a knife. Any subjections on getting this of without damaging the valve
  4. Check your valves. If the valve clearances close up it will make it hard to start
  5. A friend of min has got a couple of CRF 450 in the crate & all he hade to do was bolt the handlebars on & put the front wheel on.
  6. CHM on my 06 helped out up top
  7. I hade an 05 RM 250 that was a grate bike super low end power & like all Suzuki’s cornering was unbelievable. I now have an 06 RM-Z 450 the power is grate no arm jerking hit but super fast & what can I say about the cornering except it is a Suzuki. My opinion is go with the 450 I can ride that bike in any type of riding woods MX or jest playing around. Jest my opinion we are all different so do what makes you happy.
  8. A friend of min hade a 06 YZF-450 and did not like it. I did not ride it so can not say anything ether way but I love my 06 RM-Z 450
  10. Got it done for $100.00
  11. Idid red
  12. that sucks a...! & no I have not seen that
  13. not what i wanted to hear
  14. I put new tires on my bike Dunlop 756 80/100-21 front & 952 120/90-19 back I have rode it 2 times & the bike files a little out of Balance with the smaller front tire. I jest ordered a Dunlop 742 90/100-21 to put on it. Hopefully this tire will work better with the bigger back tire.
  15. $500.00 git the 06 man its the only way to go