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  1. ROBERTS053


    it is not bad for the bike, but if you are planning to race an AMA race it is illegal
  2. ROBERTS053

    set-ups for racing

    I have a 51 on the rear now but think the 50 would have been a better chose
  3. ROBERTS053

    Ex Valve ?

    I am going thru the top-end of my 06 RMZ 450 I am putting in a new J&E 13.5-1 piston and cleaning up the head a little. I only run race gas in the bike & the EX valves have a herd crystal like residue on them that I can not get off. The valves are still in good shape and was hoping I could clean that off but have not hade any luck finding any thing that will cut it short of scraping it with a knife. Any subjections on getting this of without damaging the valve
  4. ROBERTS053

    Cold starting issues..

    Check your valves. If the valve clearances close up it will make it hard to start
  5. ROBERTS053

    What does the dealer do to the bike when it arrives?

    A friend of min has got a couple of CRF 450 in the crate & all he hade to do was bolt the handlebars on & put the front wheel on.
  6. ROBERTS053

    Slip On Silencers?

    CHM on my 06 helped out up top
  7. ROBERTS053

    2 banger or 4stroke???

    I hade an 05 RM 250 that was a grate bike super low end power & like all Suzuki’s cornering was unbelievable. I now have an 06 RM-Z 450 the power is grate no arm jerking hit but super fast & what can I say about the cornering except it is a Suzuki. My opinion is go with the 450 I can ride that bike in any type of riding woods MX or jest playing around. Jest my opinion we are all different so do what makes you happy.
  8. ROBERTS053

    yz450f or rm-z450

    A friend of min hade a 06 YZF-450 and did not like it. I did not ride it so can not say anything ether way but I love my 06 RM-Z 450
  9. ROBERTS053

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

  10. ROBERTS053

    powder coating a frame...color ideas???

    Got it done for $100.00
  11. ROBERTS053

    powder coating a frame...color ideas???

    Idid red
  12. ROBERTS053

    broken crankshaft

    that sucks a...! & no I have not seen that
  13. ROBERTS053

    Tire Size

    not what i wanted to hear
  14. ROBERTS053

    Tire Size

    I put new tires on my bike Dunlop 756 80/100-21 front & 952 120/90-19 back I have rode it 2 times & the bike files a little out of Balance with the smaller front tire. I jest ordered a Dunlop 742 90/100-21 to put on it. Hopefully this tire will work better with the bigger back tire.
  15. ROBERTS053

    '05 or '06?

    $500.00 git the 06 man its the only way to go