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  1. The first time you drop it, sit and stare at it for a second, wondering why in the world something you're having so much fun on would do a thing like that to you in the first place.....better yet, go out in the drive way and kick it over on it's side to get it over with RIGHT NOW!....do NOT let it get the upper hand on you, you must be the first to put the scratches in it so that it understands who's boss. I did not do this and my precious Z threw me off THREE times the first time I rode her...hateful thing...that's my baby! Hey...what's 20 or 30 lbs?, if it were that important I would have lost that off my gut a long time ago! Ride it and have a ball...and quit paying attention to what everyone else thinks....ride it like ya stole it! Dan
  2. I AM

    Thinking of buying DRZ...need advise

    I'm 250 lbs and the DRZ does just fine....more really than I could have asked for. Are you planning on getting back into scrambles on a serious note? or more to have fun. If it's the fun factor than the DRZ will do what it is you want it to do. Good luck in your search and have a good time. God bless Dan
  3. jc, I just got back into dirt riding after 30 years being out of it, after researching for hours on end I had it narrowed down to three bikes...Honda's XR650R, XR400 and the Suzuki DRZ-400E. I went with the DRZ-400E for it's power (great woods bike) reliability, and it fit. I'm 5'10 250 lbs and it handles great, never runs out of low end grunt (very tractor like), and great top end. I have had more fun getting back into dirt than I ever thought I would. Which ever bike you buy I would suggest buying used....you are going crash/flip/fall over/run into stuff and generally have a ball...still cant wipe this stupid grin off my face. So good luck in your search and let us know what prize you come home with. Jump on the individual forums and see what everyone thinks about their bikes. Ride safe and God bless Dan
  4. I AM

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Safe holidays to all......
  5. I AM

    If there were no DRZ ....

    Husaberg 550e
  6. I AM

    Which One - '97 DR350 or '00 DRZ400? Also Tire Question

    I just got back into dirt riding after being out of it for 30 years. My first choice after researching for countless hours was the DRZ and it also is a 2000. The bike bike does everything i could possibly ask it to do....zero problems...$2300.00. I have had more fun on this bike than I could have ever imagined.
  7. I AM

    why do so many dislike the DRZ ?

    I tried real hard to ignore this but I cant. In the many posts about how well people love their DRZ's .....because they actually ride their bike for the love of riding (thats called a motorcyclist) something I highly doubt you can attest to being. You see I am a characterless dweeb as you so kindly put it. It seems I have fallen into the I cant make up my own mind and I have a little ***** syndrome. Yes it's true......I own a Harley....a bike in which my skankybeerguzzlinnohelmetwearinlooserwife and I spend a least two weeks a summer on following the front tire of this beautiful country of ours in search of nothing else but to enjoy life. And oh dont get me started on that piece of crap ST1100 that sits right beside the Harley and the DRZ. One of the things I loved about this site was the LACK OF stone trowing.....never mind....I'm going riding
  8. I AM

    Middle aged fear!

    Hooks my friend... lets ride....I'm in Flint if you ever get over/up/down or around this way. 1 Peter 3:15 Dan
  9. I AM

    Middle aged fear!

    After riding the Harley for all these years the DRZ feels like a feather. It was just my own lack of skills (or lost skills anyway) that put me down. The one thing you never forget though... is how to roll..... Dan
  10. I AM

    Middle aged fear!

    Long live the kid in every one of us! 47 years old, 30+ years out of dirt riding and I decide I need another dirt bike! yee haa! (this is gonna hurt). Leaving the dresser in the garage and going up to Gladwin (MI) with some more over the hill kids I couldn't wipe that stupid grin off my face...still can't...we head off into the sand ....down three (3) times in the first 3 miles, sucking wind and feeling like my lungs are going to explode I'm flat on my back and one of the kids walks up...looks down at me and says...bet I can buy that DRZ real cheap about right now...I told him if he went and got the truck to pick me up he could have the thing...NOT!. I picked myself back up ( to a sitting position anyway) and just started grinning. After assessing the situation (after my lungs got air) I let more preassure out the tires, got back on the bike and let those old instincts kick in. I relaxed a bit more (death grip never works) and had some fun...lots of it, we ended up riding another 14 miles (all sand) and never face planted again. I myself will be attending an off road riding coarse this spring as I'm sure I had been doing things all wrong to begin with but none the less I will ride within MY capibilities until that time. I get the bike out often and practice all of the things that used to come natural (learned many years ago) riding over logs etc..Ride within your limits and have fun... if you're ever in Michigan and need someone sane to ride with give me a call. I know alot of kids that would love to go. Ride safe and God Bless Dan
  11. Being out of dirt riding for over 30 years I decided it was time to get back in the saddle. After reading everything I could for the last 6 months (on every bike) I went out and bought a used E. Having friends that ride everything from XR400's to 650's to WR's it was a tough decision as I'm sure there are aren't any "bad" bikes out there anymore. As a matter of fact the choices we have in this day and age are astounding compared to what we had to chose from eons ago. All I can tell you is I have not stopped grinning since.....it seems to me to be a jack of all trades and does so without complaint.