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  1. onlypyeman

    Rekluse Z-start.. on the bubble

    Just got a new truck with ABS. That sh1t is for weenies who can't drive. Should make it for bikes also.... Don't want to be skidding in the dirt. No control is where it's at........
  2. onlypyeman


    Do a search on disected vertebral artery. Chiro at 100,000 you must be due. I didn't believe when I read the news Now I am living it. Chiro's that do neck rotation are really @#$#ed up. I hope you at least provide informed consent before you kill.
  3. onlypyeman

    TTR 125L The newer, the worse?

    The new ones are no longer made in Japan. They are made in a third world country. (Brazil) Too bad ,they were a good bike. The only thing in its class built in Japan is the DRZ. Wish I had known this before I made the mistake. Save a 1000 and buy a chinese Knockoff. At least they have experienced labour. Time for an afternoon nap in Brazil. Tell your friends Yamaha will do nothing to back the crappy build.
  4. onlypyeman

    2007 Ttr 125le

    Get the DRZ. It's made in Japan
  5. onlypyeman


    Hey everyone, husband is out of town and i need some help can anyone suggest a web site with a forum where i can get some advice on what damage i ahve possibly done to a H Davidson MC... Opps!!
  6. onlypyeman

    Resale value TTR125, KLX125, CRF100

    Yamah356/ttr225 I think you should keep up with the rehab. You will stop dripping on your shoes then.(maybe) You should also mention the converations you have with yourself. TAKE YOUR MEDS....
  7. onlypyeman

    plastic cracks

    The Brazilian(2005) plastic on these seems bad to me. Was it a hard hit ? Does that make two bad bikes from Brazil. I have never heard of a good one.
  8. onlypyeman

    Resale value TTR125, KLX125, CRF100

    That would be KTM KTM KTM. The yami's are for the women and children.
  9. onlypyeman

    Need help with TTR125 L VRS LE purchase.

    Yamaha356 I think you are right. The DRZ is the only Playbike still built in Japan. So the DRZ is the best bike. Glad you agree.
  10. onlypyeman

    Resale value TTR125, KLX125, CRF100

    Sorry I did not fall for your bait and switch. TTR225's post was off colour and should have been removed. A battle of wits with the witless. First I thought it was a peeing contest. and my wife can smoke you on her 20 year old it125. (she can Pee further also)Ok .children back to playing on your play bikes.
  11. onlypyeman

    Resale value TTR125, KLX125, CRF100

    Whats the difference between a ttr and a fat chick. They are both fun to ride until your friends see you. Sorry. anyone under 12 should be proud of those bikes. A 225 maybe 15.
  12. onlypyeman

    Need help with TTR125 L VRS LE purchase.

    Yes. But I have a job and family. Hope you can use your education to get the point I am trying to make.Brazil is a third world country with very limited manufacturing. Japan is very different. I would place China ahead of Brazil in Manufacturing. How about you?
  13. onlypyeman

    Resale value TTR125, KLX125, CRF100

    Monkey butt You don't ride enuf to get it? Get your daddies to take you riding more. You might put some miles on those bikes made for girls and little boys. My wifes got an 84 it125. Now that's got some power compared to the ttr.
  14. onlypyeman

    Need help with TTR125 L VRS LE purchase.

    MY dealership also admitted to the "early" production problems with the kickstarter.Mine was replaced with a Japanese part(GOOD SO FAR) The Replacement choke was also made in Japan.(mabybe there's hope.) The replacement stuff I had to pay for(made in Brazil). I also heard that some 125's are still made in Japan. If you really want one ,shop around. If anyone (including yamha Canada.)would like to refund the $100 I'm out to keep this thing running. I will go away. untill the next problem.Only 30 days left on the warranty. Then it's is my problem. Have you heard of any good brazilian 125's? Does anyone ride one?
  15. onlypyeman

    Need help with TTR125 L VRS LE purchase.

    Other ttr's have been built in Brazil. First year for the TTR125's. The owner of the dealership I got mine at told me the 125's were not built in Brazil(after I bought it, IF it was before things would have been different) BUt it says MADE IN BRAZIL. WAT A BONE HEAD. Why would a dealership need to know the product?Just buy it and go away