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    Proper foot placement?

    Good question....here's my spin.. The arch of the foot in my opinion is better. Most boots have steel bars running through them so most of the impact is distrubited through a large area on the sole of the boot. My brother broke his ankle landing on the balls of his feet. He never fell but it busted the back of his ankle and put him out of riding for most of a year. The further your foot is back on the peg puts more strees on the ankle, tendons, muscles etc. Think about leverage and how that impacts your foot when you land. If the peg is torward your toes then think about how much pressure is being applied to your ankle due to leverage of your body weight coming down. Ouch!
  2. woodjl

    Oldish Dudes and Sizing-up Jumps...

    Age brings wisdom. Wisdom brings a healthy body for the fun you can still have not being the hero at your local track. I ride MX and do trackdays on my R1. I'm not the fastest but the grin factor never decreases. Keeping healthy for your family....Priceless!
  3. Does anyone have a picture or drawing of what the end results looks like with the O-ring installed?
  4. What is the O-ring mod? Where do I get this from etc?
  5. Yes, I rode the bike for a couple on minutes with the 45 jet and went from 1 1/2 turns to around three turns on the mixture screw. I then put the stock 42 jet back in and reset the screw to 2 1/8 stock posistion and went to the track. After the bike gets hot it seemed to be slighter better but still a big problem.
  6. I have an 06 YZ450F with about 10 -12 hours. I asked Eddie a few weeks ago what recommended pilot jet should I use at sea level due to the bike running lean on the bottom. He said go with an 45. I installed it this weekend and the bike had a bog off idle and pretty much from anytime you whack open the throttle. I changed back to the stock 42 and it seemed a little better but it's still there. I just checked the vales and they were in spec. I'm thinking now it may be related to the Accelerator pump but need advice on resolving this issue. Thanks
  7. woodjl

    Leaded vs Unleaded

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will go back to 93 pump gas from what you're saying. I did notice that the bike seemed to run cooler on the 100LL but if it's not needed then why speed the extra $$.
  8. In most owner manuals they suggest never to run leaded gas in these new 4-stroke motors. The problem is that they also suggest running 95 or higher octane. Most race gas is leaded and its concentration of lead is around 10%. I have found that aviation gas 100LL is only .08% lead, that’s less than 1%. I have used the 100LL in my two strokes for years with no problems but the 4-stroke is a different beast. I’m currently using the 100LL and hope the very low concentration of lead is not damaging my motor but time will only tell. So what is everyone using as fuel in theses 4-stroke?
  9. woodjl

    Oldish Dudes & Passing...

    I do track days and ride mx. I high sided last year at VIR on my R1 and it took a year for most of the pain to go away. At 45 things take forever to heal and by this age your just glad you can still ride. Wisdom comes with age and being a littlle cautious is a good thing.