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  1. BillyTheKid45

    xr650l Fouling plugs after engine rebuild

    Yes it does have the same gas that was in it. I'll pull off the carb and check it out. What should I be looking for? Can anyone recommend a good cleaner for carbs?
  2. BillyTheKid45

    xr650l Fouling plugs after engine rebuild

    I should have mentioned it's been sitting in my garage for 7 months while my ankle healed up. It was going fine but since the layup it has started to foul plugs like mad.
  3. Hey guys, I had my bike worked on at the Honda shop. I took it in to have the valves adjusted and they called back saying the valve guides needed to be machined. They did that then said it needed a new piston and rings. They bored out the clyinder and installed new piston and rings. I drove it home last winter and it was fine on the ride home. Now that it's summer and I've had a chance to try and ride the bike instantly cuts off when I give it the gas. While the choke is on (half way) at idle the bike acts fine (although it does idle a bit high). As soon as I give it any throttle it immidately dies. If I put the choke all the way on and turn the throttle quickly it revs right up but then dies when it tries to come back to idle. When I pull the spark plug it's completely covered in black. There is no smoke, no oil leaks. I don't want to take it back to the dealer after the $800 repair bill I got last time. Does anyone have an idea of what I need to adjust? Shouldn't the bike run leaner now if it has a bigger piston instead of richer?
  4. BillyTheKid45

    Spark Plug fouling

    Hey guys, I have an XR650L that I had the heads and valve guides re-done new piston and rings installed by a dealer. It worked fine on the ride home at the begining of last winter. Now that it's spring I cranked the bike up, rode it around and it worked fine for a while now it idles ok but won't rev up, just stumbles when given gas and then dies when I try to give it more gas. I checked the spark plug and it looks like oil is getting to the plug. I'm really ticked off b/c it's been a while since it's been to the shop so he'll probably say I've messed something else up and won't warranty it. What do you guys think may have happened? -Brad
  5. BillyTheKid45

    Valve guide rebuild

    I think it was the right exhaust valve. They did tell me the head was sent off to the machine shop. MGS thanks for the info! So I guess wheelies are ok just don't ride 'em for too long I'm selling my bike -Brad
  6. BillyTheKid45

    Valve guide rebuild

    Hey guys, I work on my own bike for routine maintenance and thought I was doing good. Then my bike started smoking like it was burning oil (blue smoke) This would happen especially after doing a few wheelies. Took my '04 XR650L to the shop and they said I had one valve that had to be adjusted and now I need the valve guides redone b/c the bike failed a leak down test in the spark plug hole. They also did a compression test and it passed. It could be worse, at least the compression is good. My question is what caused this I don't want it to happen to me again. I know someone on TT has the answer -Brad