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  1. xcape

    Sikk mx trailbike

    Been a great bike for the wife rode the crap out of it still going strong. All this talk about comparing it to a race bike is strange? It is a cool oversized pit bike that works well for trail riding, light duty fun, and looks great. Put full size tires on changed the gearing, rear shock, bars, chain, clutch, lowered the pegs and throttle assembly. Now she has moved on to a full sized 250 with no problems been a great starter bike or pit bike. Quit trying to compare it to a 250, but it sure beats all the overweight 125 to 150's on the market.
  2. xcape

    Carb Problems?

    do you mean a 185? 156 to 158 will make very little difference. Leave the baffle in. You need back pressure.
  3. xcape


    will work fine use the search plenty of threads on this one
  4. xcape

    Land Rover is OVER

    Being owned by Tata cant be all that bad have you seen the new Jag http://www.motortrend.com/future/112_0803_2009_jaguar_xfr/index.html
  5. xcape

    E-line stator wiring

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=736974 Both yellow together will give you full power.
  6. http://www.vancouversupermoto.com/product_info.php?cPath=36_42&products_id=131 These guys have a complete harness that will work for a YZ.
  7. xcape

    street legal supermoto in ontario

    Here in BC we can put any dirt bike on the road no problem. Once registered as a street bike here I would assume you could ship it and insure it there ?
  8. xcape

    XR650R Chain Guide w/ 5" Wheel

    Shorten your chain by a link if you can ?
  9. xcape

    2 Stroke Supermoto Whatcha Think?

    gumbellion, the Husky Wr250 seems to make great power stock when you switch to DC Just did a street legal conversion with an HID headlight and heated grips worked great
  10. xcape

    XR650L Supermoto project .

    Sweet Ride, Great Job Skip the power bomb and try this :
  11. Yes blue with the white stripe for alpine
  12. Check to see if there is power going to the trigger wire when you switch to cd
  13. Yes look to the jeep rear tire racks, they use a control arm bushing. These bushings are designed to take the weight of a truck. to make this: http://www.jeepin.com/features/jeeperman_swingaway/
  14. check this out http://www.discountramps.com/docking_device.htm