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  1. I also got the WC skid plate, it fits just right
  2. Blue, Is the one that i seen. Might have a yellow one, I got a blue one but getting yellow plastics.
  3. At Desert Only Yamaha / motorcycle world has two 06' 450's that are NOT SOLD YET! thought maybe someone in cali or utah would like to know cuz, you wouldnt have to pay sells tax if you bought out of state....
  4. Thanks you too,
  6. I FEEL USED........ Know what? If i had MY, BRAND NEW YZ450F i would not be here setting in front of this dumb computer, Thats for damn sure!!!!! But could someone please let us know how the new bike is, please..... THANKS ....
  7. Well you can tell by my user name where i stand.....I have owned a 98 YZ250 & a 03 WR450, Sold that. And have a 06 YZ450f paid for cash, Just waiting for it to get here.... I like other bikes such as KTM, Hondas. But i have never had a single problem with Yamaha's so i see no reason to change . . . . Just my 2 cents
  8. I agree four strokes have came along way.. Just because you dont have the hit dont mean you dont have the pull, its just ALOT smoother..
  9. First of all glad your doing so well !! And wish you the best..... I had a WR450 03. I loved the bike very little maint. Just the basics, change oil and filter and clean air filter,check valves every 6 months and thats about it.. Best bike ive ever owned, got a new YZ450f on the way.
  10. Ya & IMO. you have a better chance of getting one cheaper if you buy from a small dealer cuz they need to make a sale. The shop i bought from is small and he dont carry alot of parts. He has to oder what the customer wants, So its just as easy for the customer to oder them online themselfs.... In short this dealer told me he has to make the sale on his bikes to keep his doors open. I called every dealer in Vegas and not one of them would budge on there price............
  11. YA.. What they said... you wont put enough hours on that bike to cange the piston unless you ride like a scalded dog...
  12. Rocky mountain is were i go to. I also run the 110/100/18 well i did looks like ill be running 19's on my new 06 YZ450F.. did i mention i cant wait.... PS blue groove is hard packed dirt that turns blue from the rubber off your tires
  13. It helps if you pay CASH.. I got mine for $6,579 OTD, out of So Utah. If you finance they try to rape you for setup & delivery but if you have cash you can flex a little more muscle
  14. Great review... I cant wait till mine comes in. Im stoked!!!!!!!!!!