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  1. Ngk cr8eix run in my SMR630 better than stock Spark Plugs.
  2. Hi, direct link pdf:
  3. I don't understand, could you explain better? Could i used my hotcams in the cylinder head of LTZ? Thanks
  4. Low preasure of oil up (incorrect oil level) in the cylinder head and damage the cam holders and the sits of the hotcams.
  5. ok, could i used my hotcams sm in this cylinder head? As the same spring set valve? Thanks
  6. Hi, i broken my cylinder head:banghead:, i would like to know if drz is the same that the ltz. I'm looking for in ebay. Thanks
  7. You need a tube: I buy a 2006 rmz exhaust in ebay for 53€+50€ all the adaptation. I love the sound.
  8. I have the CRD headpipe and slipon RMZ with adaptation and db killer homemade:
  9. Look this:
  10. Thanks. I will get order the SSW/MRD.
  11. Hello, I would like change my exhaust. I have the FCR39. For the same same price i have this 2 options. I don't know what buy, handicap is the noise. Could you help me? Thanks.
  12. Hello, in Spain we have the Rmz-450 E, legal for street. On 2010 the same with some modifications for Sm. Regards Jose
  13. Don't worry i have one seemed to yours. With some modifications. Regards.
  14. I will adapter a homemade tube from carb to airboot. Thanks
  15. Hello, I buy the carburator in ebay. For the instalation i don't know what i need to put for adapter to airboot? This is the carb: Thanks